Quality Control Restoration Is Offering Roof And Siding Repair Services In Quad Cities, Iowa

Bettendorf, Iowa –

Commercial and residential roofing contractor Quality Control Restoration is offering a range of roof installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Quad Cities area of ​​Iowa.

Iowa weather is peppered with extreme temperatures throughout different times of the year. According to statistics from the National Climatic Data Center, the state sees around 30 days a year where the average temperature rises above 90 degrees Fahrenheit while it sees around 150 days a year with average temperatures lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. These variations in temperature can cause significant damage to the shingles of a roof as they adjust, expand, and contract according to the ambient temperature. Other factors such as winds, rain, and snowfall can also weaken shingles and cause them to fall or rip apart, leaving behind exposed roofing materials that are then left to the mercy of the weather.

Shingles are just one part of the equation as roofing materials consist of several different components. The underlayment is the most important as it forms the base on which all other roofing materials are secured. The underlayment can absorb moisture during humid conditions, leading to the rotting of the wood which causes mold, dark patches, and rot. The flashing, generally a steel-like material that is installed in areas where the roof meets an extrusion such as the chimney, skylight, vents, or other walls, can rust and weaken, making it unable to direct water away from the joints and leading to leak. The caulking is another component that has a significant impact on roof health. It is a sealant that is applied underneath the shingles and its function is to prevent water from leaking through it. Caulking can bleach or crack and hence needs to be periodically replaced to keep the integrity of the roof intact.

Knowing the complexity of even the most humble roofing setups, it is no wonder that roofing and siding problems can sneak up on a homeowner at the most inopportune times because there is no saying when the underlying materials might give way in the face of adverse weather conditions . Since a roof is the primary mode of defense against the elements, homeowners need to be vigilant for any obvious problems such as water damage, loose or detached shingles, leaks, sagging sections, and more. Small roofing problems can become difficult to manage as they progressively damage larger sections of the roof and eventually require extensive repairs to fix that can make a serious dent in the homeowner’s budget.

Thankfully, Bettendorf and Rock Island homeowners and business owners facing a roofing problem can now turn to the expert services of residential and commercial roofer Quality Control Restoration to get them out of a bind. The company has a combined experience of over 111 years among its staff and it is equipped to solve any roofing problem that its clients can throw at them. The company offers a free, no-obligation estimate to clients which lets them accurately surmise the cost of the roofing repairs and decide whether the company’s services are a good match for them. The company can even tailor its services based on the client’s budget as roofing problems can be solved with temporary fixes today while waiting for the client to accumulate the resources needed to implement long-term fixes.

The company’s range of services includes residential roofing, commercial roofing, roof repair/replacement, storm damage repair, new construction, roof coatings, TPO/EPDM, modified bitumen, siding repairs, and more. The company can work with the client’s insurance provider to make sure that all of the repairs or maintenance expenses are covered by their policies. The company has the expertise to replace shine, metal, flat, and all low slope roofing systems. It also provides full manufacturer warranties and a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Readers looking for the best services for roof repair Quad Cities has to offer can contact Quality Control Restoration at the phone number (833) 563-7663 or at the email address [email protected].


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