Pump-er-Up, revolutionary new drywall truck from NuWay Tools, built for speed

Pump-er-up on the construction site

We look forward to 2010 as a turning point for our customers and our industry. The “pump-er-up” will be a big factor in enabling finishers to do a top quality job with fewer people. You can complete the taping process in a shorter period of time and still get some benefit from your effort.

NuWay Tools is proud to present the ‘Pump-er Up’, a completely new version of the drywall truck. Pump-er Up is designed for everyday employees and the way they actually work, making it a lot easier for you to get the job done.

Pump-er Up is fully mobile, so everything needed to complete a drywall job can be directed anywhere on the construction site. With the articulated bucket on a stable, raised platform, you no longer have to lean over and pump mud. Each standard compound charge pump is attached directly to the upper bracket. This allows for easy steering and maneuvering via cables and hoses, while four fully articulated castors mean the assembly won’t tip over. The lower platform is perfect for spare tools, taping knives, tool oil and of course lunch!

The real revolution of ‘Pump-er-Up’ lies in the attachment to the standard compound pump. It offers a raised and fully mobile platform that can be easily moved across the floor using the pump handle. With the companion ‘LongNeck’ instead of a standard gooseneck it couldn’t be easier to fill an automatic cone. It is safe and quick to move the cone to a new work area as the combination securely holds the cone in place.

Working on stilts traditionally requires extra work – one worker on the stilts and one who walks back to the bucket and fills the tools. Using the pump-er-up allows a worker to pull the bucket of compound and fill his own tools, saving both time and labor. Pump-er Up means drywall workers can finish faster and save money.

The attached video shows exactly how versatile and helpful this new tool is. This durable material consists of solid steel and sturdy components and is proud to be used for years to come.

About NuWay Tools, Inc.

NuWay Tools, Inc. is based in Morganton, NC and has been an innovator in drywall tools since 2006. President Ron Sagaert says, “We look forward to 2010 as a turnaround year for our customers and our industry. Up ‘will be a huge factor in enabling finishers to do a great job with fewer people. They can do the taping -Complete the process in a shorter time frame and still get a profit from their efforts. ”

The complete line of drywall tools from NuWay Tools, Inc. is available at: https://www.nuwaytoolco.com.

Ronald T. Sagaert, President

PO Box 1451, Morganton, NC 28680 828-433-7851

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