Pub in England installs an electric fence to encourage social distancing

During the COVID-19 era, bar owners were forced to adapt to a rapidly changing and contagious culture by opening their doors in such a way that consumers are still prevented from entering. And Jonny McFadden, a pub owner in Cornwall, England, claims to have the perfect solution for that social catch-22: an electric fence in front of the bar.

McFadden, who runs the Star Inn in St. Just, Cornwall, told CNN that the electric fence he installed to protect his employees has “worked very well” since the government reopened pubs on Nov. July and that this was the case. pretty weird “to testify.

“We’re in a rural area so everyone knows what an electric fence is,” he said. “I also have a little sign on it – ‘electric, danger.”

And we thought the popularization of non-alcoholic cocktails would be the greatest health revolution the drinking culture would ever see. We’ve seen restaurants and bars encourage social distancing through bumper tables, pool noodle hats, and more. However, electric fences most accurately express the severity of the situation.

McFadden pointed out that the electric fence wasn’t actually on, but that it still seemed to keep people a safe distance away.

“… It has the desired effect that everyone thinks is on and they stay away from it. It’s the fear factor,” he said.

We knew the world of drinking was changing when to-go drinks became mainstream, Michelob made a socially distant picnic blanket, and Dos Equis brought out a 6 foot long cooler. But now we look forward to areas that are safe for pubbing, innovations that bring people closer to the watering holes they love most.

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