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We are currently on Plan C of our epic adventure known as How’s Your Winter Going So Far? After spending three weeks turning my mother’s house upside down and realizing that the term ‘quick fix’ doesn’t exist when it comes to home remodeling after your house flooded, we took our insurance company’s advice and moved into someone else’s house. It’s a completely foreign place this time, and they feel like people just appear out of nowhere.

It’s a nice little house with a fenced yard for our three crazy dogs. It’s in a neighborhood like many of the neighborhoods around the lake, full of people who have been here forever and people who have suddenly discovered this vast body of water between towns and settled a small vacation home in it. It is a typical open space with tiled floors and gray colors and furniture to match the decor. In other words, it is exactly what you want in a holiday home.

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Winter Prosapio is a writer, wife, and working mom of two girls, two cats, and a ridiculously enthusiastic terrier mix.

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