Property: Home renovation guru Emily Canham’s dream home must-have features

Emily, who boasts over 1.16 subscribers on her YouTube channel and 700k followers on Instagram and spoke with about the project, including her must-have features for her dream home. Emily said the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home to her and explained she is carrying out an extension on the back of her property to maximize the kitchen.

She said: “I’m extending at the back, which is going to be amazing, building my dream kitchen.

“I think the kitchen is the heart of a home. I love to cook, I love to bake. So that was the main thing that I wanted to do.”

It’s important to Emily to include lots of features in the kitchen to make her passion for food more efficient.

She said: “I love efficient living, so I would just like everything to have a place. I would like everything to be super easy.

“I’ve lived in a lot of different places. I’ve lived in rentals, and I definitely think I’ve learned a lot from that.

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“A lot of them are in the kitchen. Little things, like a pot filler was essential for me, and a hot tap.”

A pot filler is a specialized tap with an articulated arm, allowing it to swing out over the range, so heavy pots full of water don’t have to be carried. They are also sometimes known as pasta arms.

Hot taps, on the other hand, dispense boiling water instantly. They remove the need for a kettle and are much more energy efficient.

Emily’s vision extends beyond the kitchen and to bathrooms too. She said: “This is a really special project because this is my dream home. I don’t think I’ll ever get the opportunity to renovate a house like this ever again.

“There are little things in a property that I associate with a dream home, like having your bath separate your shower.

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“It’s a tiny thing, but to me if I go into a house that has a separate bath and shower, I’m like, ‘Wow, it’s so posh thing I really wanted to have my house.'”

In terms of the living room, a comfortable sofa is also on Emily’s list, although she won’t be plumping for the “it” sofa of the moment.

“I feel like the Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa is what everyone wants. That’s like the dream. But, obviously we can’t get it in the UK.”

She went on: “I’m all about making your home that beautiful, but if your sofas not comfortable then there’s no point.”

Emily is detailing her own renovation journey on Welcome Home, where she is also sharing house tours and interiors.

On the Welcome Home channel is exploring properties across the UK, from more affordable homes to exclusive glimpse inside some of the UK’s most luxurious propertoes.

Emily is also using the Welcome Home podcast to explore the dos and don’ts of buying, exporing mortgages and the reality of buying new build properties.

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