Professional Landscaper Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm offers Landscaping, Construction and Nursery in Clermont, FL

Clermont, FL – Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm takes a unique approach to each project, customizing their designs to meet their clients’ aesthetic and functional design goals and creating an enduring mutual relationship between the home and the landscaping contractor. They take care of the entire landscape and allow residents of Clermont, Florida to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Their comprehensive services ensure that the exterior of the client’s home is constantly groomed and ready for family enjoyment.

The client’s needs, the vision for their garden and how they hope to experience their outdoor space all begin with an understanding of Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm Designs. Their landscaping services include free design consultation, custom landscaping designs for new or refurbished homes, pools and gardens, custom designs for new or refurbished HOA and commercial projects, site assessment including water management, soil conditions and hardscape installations, and sustainable design elements such as turf alternatives, natives and xeriscaping , permeable paving systems, and water-wise irrigation systems, and site assessment, including soil conditions, water management, and hardscape installations. They can also provide HOA application packages, represent clients at HOA approval meetings, and source new and creative products, materials, and plants.

Site preparation, expert bed, plant and lawn installation, construction and installation of hardscape elements such as custom patios, trellis, pergolas, fences, arbors, terraced planters and retaining walls, pavers, walkways and driveways, and low voltage LED lighting system design and installation are all available Services provided by the Clermont Landscapers. Their water management services include drainage, irrigation and the installation of water-based irrigation systems.

Landscaping is not only a wise investment that can help add value to a property, it is also a great way to maximize the space available and improve a home’s utility. Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm services include monthly HAND PRUNING of bush beds, recommendations and monthly pest survey. Other services include plant replacement, quarterly pre-emergence weed control, mulching, quarterly fertilization, and monthly inspection and repair of irrigation and lighting systems.

It’s easy to see why the Clermont Landscaping Service Premium Nursery, with 5 acres in production in Clermont, Florida and another 17 acres under construction in Howey, Florida, is the best choice for landscaping projects. Your landscaping business sells plants to professional landscapers looking for inexpensive, quality plants as well as DIY projects. Highland Grove Garden Market and Nursery has transformed over the last 21 years with a need to be a major player in the wholesale nursery market, providing excellent service at a reasonable price to a discerning customer base.

To learn more about Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm, visit their offices at 20525 County Road 561, Clermont, Florida, 34715, USA. Contact her by phone at (352) 394-3318. Visit their website for more information.

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