Police investigate vandalism on garage doors in Lincoln

LINCOLN, California – The Lincoln Police Department is investigating multiple cases of vandalism that homeowners believe were politically motivated.

The first incident occurred along Ashwood Way, said Douglas Lee, chief of the Lincoln Police Department. There a garage door with “Black Lives Matter”, “Love is Love” and “ACAB” was deleted, an acronym that stands for “All Cops Are Bastards”.

“The victim believed the vandalism was likely motivated by the display of a thin blue line flag near the garage door,” Lee said.

The second report of vandalism came along Yosemite Lane, where a swastika was painted on a garage door. Homeowner Alice Brown said it was a result of the political season. She has two political signs that support democratic candidates.

“We searched the neighborhoods and found no surveillance cameras that captured the crime or the suspects,” Lee said.

Lee said both incidents are being investigated as vandalism but not hate crimes.

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