Plumbing issues close Indianapolis Public Library central branch

INDIANAPOLIS — For the third day in a row, the Indianapolis Public Library branch remained closed due to plumbing issues.

Library officials say the branch closed Monday after experiencing significant plumbing issues. The plumbing issue took so many restrooms offline, they cannot be open to the public.

“There was a clog in one of the arteries that leads into the main line under Meridian Street,” said Adam Parsons, director of facilities for Indianapolis Public Library. “All of the bathrooms in the tower lead to this line.”

The tower is the newer addition to the library. This clog blocked all the public restrooms.

Two different contractors responded at the library Wednesday to fix the plumbing issue. The clog was resolved Wednesday afternoon with no permanent water damage.

The library expects to reopen Thursday after any area that got contaminated is sterilized.

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