Plumbing industry affected during coronavirus

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – As we continue to pull through COVID 19 and people continue to keep home guidelines except for work and important purchases. Shelves try to replenish certain items and some are hard to come by.

“Most of the places I go are completely sold out,” said buyer Steve Brooks.
“I went to Barnwell and found toilet paper out there and Williston and Edgefield,” added buyer Mike Lipscomb.

Georgia Pacific, a leading manufacturer of toilet paper, estimates that the average household uses 40 percent more toilet paper than usual with all members of a household staying at home around the clock.

“Plumbing is a necessity, it’s not a luxury,” said Charles Brittingham, owner of Brittingham Plumbing, which has been around since the 1890s. Brittingham says they are usually busy during Masters week for a variety of reasons.

“We are usually very busy during the Masters because a lot of our clients are renting out their houses,” added Brittingham.

Kevin Coleman, owner of Drain Surgeon Plumbing, says they are being asked to serpentine drains on suspicious items because some households are short of toilet paper.

“There’s an inordinate amount of material being flushed that shouldn’t be flushed, but that’s expected in the times we find ourselves in,” Coleman said.

If people stay home this April, they will take precautions when entering customers’ homes.

“They have so many people who are unemployed and out of work and the last thing they want to spend their money on is plumbing,” Coleman said.

Both professionals say that before you wash up, you should read the labels on the back of your products such as wet wipes and women’s products.

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