Plumbing and heating business planned for North Hadley Center

The planning agency on Tuesday waived the approval of the plot of land for T. Kicza Plumbing & Heating to use the buildings on 234 River Drive, including a three-family home and an adjacent garage. HADLEY – A plumbing and heating company will move to historic buildings in central North Hadley.

Tim Kicza, who runs the business with his brother Jason, told planners that there are plans to remove the garage door and replace it with a door and window. In addition, he would clad the building and house with white aluminum cladding.

The property served as Pip’s garage, where car repairs had been carried out since 1962, and as the former Pip’s country store until it closed in the late 1980s.

As part of the work, Kicza is also replacing the 55-inch diameter roadside sign.

The Kiczas, known as North Hadley Properties, LLC, bought the property in June for $ 465,000 from Donald and Katherine Pipczynski.

Planning committee chairman James Maksimoski said that since the property is a pre-existing, non-compliant use in a restricted commercial zone, the board could forego approval of the site plan for the minor changes.

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  • Plumbing and heating business planned for North Hadley Center
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