Philips Hue is expanding its outdoor lighting with amaranth and appearance lights

Philips is expanding the Philips Hue line with some new outdoor lights aimed at those looking for an extremely professional look both at home and in the courtyards. New additions include the new Amarant and Appear lights, which integrate with the rest of the Philips Hue product ecosystem. Bring the same automation and color control outside of your home.

This leads to an expansion of the range of low voltage outdoor lighting, but focuses on a sleek and professional approach.

The amaranth is a linear point solution (color bar) that can be used to illuminate walls and vegetation. Similar to what you would see outside of company buildings or convention floors, the light offers a large diffusion that can cover a larger area than your normal / smaller round spot solutions.

The Appear Light is an exterior / downward wall wall lamp model that allows you to illuminate the exterior walls of your home.

Both new models can be seen in the main picture above. The appearance lights illuminate the vegetation and the wall on the left and the appearance lights illuminate the side of the house on the right.

The Amaranth model will launch in early March 2021 for an MSRP of $ 169.99, while the appearance (for the time being) only seems to be focused on Europe (EUR 149.99) at the moment – there is no mention of a release to the USA just yet.

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