Pete Davidson pumped to finally move out of his mother’s house

Pete Davidson has sunk at least one level on the Mama’s Boy scale.

The 27-year-old actor, comedian and king of self-irony missed the fact that he pulled out of the house he shared with his mother on Staten Island during this “ddanidoubledd” (h / t Yahoo) posted TikTok video) . Davidson was asked what advice he would give anyone with addiction or mental health issues, but said he did not want to answer such a sensitive question while he was looking for his apartment keys. “I just moved out of my mother’s house,” he said. “Yeah, I’m totally out. I have a block.”

The Saturday Night Live performer first mentioned that he moved back in at his mom Amy’s “Weekend Update” desk in May 2019, about seven months after he and Ariana Grande broke off their whirlwind engagement:

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