Pest control companies in the valley had to pay at least $ 100,000 in restitution

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PHOENIX – Two Valley pest control companies have been asked to pay at least $ 100,000 in restitution to reimburse customers who haven’t received their full termite guarantee, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced on Wednesday.

A dispute arose in a contract between Amera Sun City Pest Control and Atomic Bee & Pest Control, which resulted in customers who had purchased long-term warranties for Amera Sun City Pest Control services no longer having their prepaid termite inspections could get a press release.

Amera Sun City Pest Control customers had to pay an Atomic Bee & Pest Control activation fee of $ 125 to take over the prepaid termite inspection contract, while those who did not pay the fee were left without recourse.

Customers turned to the Arizona Attorney General claiming they didn’t get their full termite guarantee.

“Businesses need to keep promises made to consumers, regardless of what that means for their bottom line,” Brnovich said in the press release.

Both companies agreed to pay $ 100,000 as part of a consent judgment to reimburse former Amera Sun City Pest Control customers who were unable to cash their annual termite inspections for years.

Atomic Bee & Pest Control has also agreed to waive the $ 125 fee and honor the remainder of the affected consumer’s warranty agreements.

Companies will have to pay additional money if consumer claims exceed $ 100,000 to ensure all valid claims are paid as per the press release.

The attorney general’s office turns to consumers who have previously complained to the law firm. Others who have not received termite guarantees they paid are encouraged to contact us before June 7th and submit a refund claim.

Eligible customers include those who have entered into a termite warranty agreement with Amera Sun City Pest Control that was active beyond October 2, 2017, as well as those who paid the Atomic Bee & Pest Control $ 125 fee.

The Phoenix Attorney General can be contacted at (602) 542-5763 while those in Tucson can call (520) 628-6648. People outside the Phoenix and Tucson subway areas can contact the office at (800) 352-8431.

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