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Your bedroom should be treated as your personal haven where you can relax and unwind. Consider updating one of the most important rooms in your home with some affordable and stylish updates from the team at Bunnings Warehouse. If there is anything that the past 12 months have taught us, it means that our attention is drawn to the details that need improvement the more time is spent at home. Our bedrooms offer us a break from everyday life, and it makes sense to freshen up a room that offers us vital sleep and relaxation.

1.Add Interest to Your Walls:
Starting with the walls, this Scandi Leaf wallpaper has a calming mid-century inspired leaf motif, a calm pattern that will have you dozing off in no time.

2.Add texture to your floors:
A decent size rug can anchor a bedroom and make it cozy and inviting. Complement a natural wallpaper with an equally natural looking rug like this jute number. A sandy hue and lots of texture help bring the calming feeling of nature into your home.

3. Organize and edit your wardrobe:
This easy-to-install sliding cabinet compliments the neutral tones of a bedroom in a modern oak and is perfect for smaller bedrooms that need space-saving solutions like this one.

4. Create an atmosphere with lighting:
Mood lighting is important in re-calibrating your eyes and preparing for a decent night out. This textured floor lamp will add warmth and class to any bedroom.

5. Freshen up your existing floors:
A laminate floor made of honey oak is a stylish addition to the natural flourishes in the bedroom. Opt for this slim laminate – easy to clean and a warm wood tone that is easy on the eye.

6. Hang new curtains that will naturally filter the light:
Thermally coated curtains are essential for extra warmth in your bedroom. Consider these minimalist and elegant calico curtains a refreshing way to wake up to your natural daily rhythm.

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7. Organize your shoes:
A relaxed atmosphere doesn’t have to be cluttered – this wooden shoe rack is a helpful way to keep things clean and stress-free.

8.Add a houseplant for rest:
A bedroom with a little green offers even more opportunities to bring nature outside. With a row of easy-care houseplants in slender ceramic pots, a little green is enough.

9. Update upholstered furniture with playful pillows:
Additional pillows add texture, color, and comfort to a bedroom. A pillow menu also gives you plenty of options for adding character and fun.

Online pointer? WATCH: How to Make a Modern Wooden Bed Head
Creating a wooden bed head is an easy way to rejuvenate your bedroom. This great looking head will add style, color and texture to your bedroom. And it’s so simple that you can do it before you go to bed.

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From long weekends to small get-togethers with friends, an outdoor entertainment area is a classic trademark of a Kiwi home.

Entertaining friends and family is a national pastime, and it makes sense to have a space for it that feels welcoming and joyful. Create special memories with the perfect entertainment area that brings everyone together.

1. Classic seating:
Bring Cape Cod to life with these classic wooden chairs –

2. A cozy hammock:
Lull yourself to sleep with a classic hammock perfect for my free time.

3. Outdoor lighting:
Take a sheet of old school lanterns with this charming piece that will hold a pillar candle up to 4 inches.

4. Storage:
Tough, stylish, and organic – outdoor spaces take a bit of organization, and this basket is perfect for tree trunks and unnecessary outdoor frills.

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5. Dreamy wisteria:

We all know the hardiness of native shrubs in our backyards too well – for something that alludes to fashion’s fondness for anything cottagecore-related, you can’t look past a romantic wisteria climbing up the walls.

6. A whimsical bird bath:

Add some whimsy with a terracotta bird bath to welcome a few feathered friends to your garden sanctuary.

7. Nostalgic pots:

Try these playful and colorful additions for succulents and low maintenance shrubs that sit on tables.

8. Open fire:
On cool autumn evenings, there is nothing better than the fiery glow of an open fire. Try this iron fire pit and get the marshmallows out.

9. Group setting:
There’s something charming about sitting around on wicker chairs and watching the sunset with friends for a cocktail hour – just add blankets and pillows and you’re good to go.

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