Partners create drone-based inspection program for residential roofs

Kespry, a drone-based aerial intelligence solution provider, has partnered with XAP 360, a nationwide network of certified roofers, to offer a nationwide drone-based rooftop inspection program.

XAP 360 and Kespry partner with insurers to set verifiable, credible standards for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both companies work with top insurers who value transparency and accuracy. With Kespry and XAP 360, manual inspections, which can take up to 90 minutes, are replaced with a stand-alone 10-minute solution, the companies say.

“Together, the Kespry and XAP 360 make rooftop inspections in residential areas as accurate and painless as possible,” said George Mathew, CEO of Kespry. “We listened to what homeowners expect from the inspection process, including the speed and full, verifiable detail that is technology-driven and trusted by major insurance carriers across the country. We pride ourselves on helping homeowners quickly identify and address their roof repair problems so they can get on with their lives as soon as possible. “

“With XAP 360 and Kespry, roofers and property owners can finally sit at the same table and communicate honestly and openly,” adds Phil Pratt, partner at XAP 360. “Together, Kespry and XAP 360 close the existing uncertainty gap with transparency. Guided by Kespry’s most profound technological innovations in air information, all parties are moving forward together avoiding classic pitfalls. We have pushed the umbrella industry out of the shadows and into the information age. Roofers can say goodbye to gimmicks and say hello to an easy-to-adopt platform where everyone wins. “

“We believe this new residential platform is critical to our industry,” said Martin Pettigrew, owner of Monarch Roofing. “The potential is enormous and will be a key differentiator for roofers who use it. We heard our customers loud and clear: They want honest, verifiable roof inspections. You want them to be done quickly. You want them to be done accurately. And Kespry and XAP deliver exactly that vision. There has never been a more exciting time for the roofing business. “

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