Parquet: advantages and disadvantages

The floor of your home says a lot about it, and the floor can be a nice contrast to furniture. Not only do you want your floors to look their best, but you want them to withstand reasonable wear and tear. Therefore, choosing your floor is not always the easiest decision.

If you are thinking of laying parquet you may be wondering if it is a good idea. Here we will review the pros and cons.

What is parquet?

If you’ve ever seen a house with decorative wood tiles, you’ve seen hardwood floors. Although this flooring was extremely popular decades ago, it is still used in many homes today. Parquet is a common choice for foyers and dining areas, and while it comes in a variety of patterns, herringbone and mosaic are some of the easiest to find.

Advantages of parquet

There are several great reasons to consider parquet floors in your home. First, it can be relatively affordable provided you don’t go for the most expensive stuff. You can often find parquet floors in laminate and wood veneer. Both options are cheaper than solid wood.

Second, parquet floors can add an aesthetic touch to your home. Identifying a style that you like can be a great way to put your own stamp on the design of your home. Solid wood floors, on the other hand, look more like cookie cutters.

Parquet is also relatively easy to care for. All you need to do is avoid abrasives, as is the case with hardwood floors.

After all, parquet is quite durable. If you keep your floors clean and well sealed, they can last for decades.

Disadvantages of parquet

On the other hand, parquet is not always the perfect solution. For one, you may find that the look is a little dated. This could be a problem from both an aesthetic point of view and a resale point of view.

Parquet floors, like wood, can also scratch under the right circumstances. Hence, it is not a good choice for a game room or leisure area.

Parquet floors are also very susceptible to moisture damage. Therefore, care must be taken when cleaning up any spilled material. And it’s not a good choice for homes in areas of generally high humidity.

After all, while parquet is generally low-maintenance, it is not maintenance-free. You still need to polish and seal your floors from time to time.

Is parquet suitable for you?

If you like the look of hardwood floors in general and you can find a pattern that will grab your attention, it could be a great addition to your home. Before you decide on parquet, however, you should try different flooring options and find out which one you ultimately like best.

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