Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Everything You Need To Know

Cost Savings Of DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting

While painting your cabinets yourself is cheaper, it’s not free. You’ll still have some costs that come with the project.

Assuming you don’t have cabinet-painting supplies laying around, you’ll need to pick up a few tools and materials to be able to successfully complete your project. While you won’t have to pay for labor if you go the DIY route, here are some basic things you will have to buy:

  • Good quality paint: $30-$50 per gallon
  • Bonding primer: $25 per gallon
  • Fine grit sandpaper: $5 for a pack
  • Paint tray and liners: $15
  • Brushes: $10-$15 each
  • Paint roller: $15
  • Trisodium phosphate cleaner: $5

The above costs are estimates; it may cost you more or less depending on prices in your area, whether the size of your kitchen requires you to purchase more, and the quality of the materials you buy.

Speaking of quality, keep in mind that when it comes to your paint, you don’t want to cut corners with price – you typically get what you pay for with interior paint. If you want your work to last for a long time, expect to pay a little more than average for a high-quality paint.

In total, you can expect to spend $100 – $200 total for the above essentials. Depending on your project, there may be some things not listed that you’ll need that will add to your costs. Additionally, if you don’t already have your own basic set of screwdrivers, you’ll need to purchase one so you can remove the doors and drawers to be painted.

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