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(Clarinda) — Page County officials have made some updates to a significant window replacement project.

During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Page County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved proposed changes to the window locks and glass types totaling $15,148. The changes will be added to the over $700,000 window replacement project through Fine and Sons out of Clarinda the board approved in May. Page County Auditor Melissa Wellhausen says she had spoke with Project Manager James Fine who had proposed the changes to the county. She says some of the updates are related to window security measures on multiple floors.

“They’re called air position locks for the second and third floor, but basically they’re security locks, so those windows won’t be able to open, and it’s an additional $1,521 for those,” said Wellhausen. “And for the first and floors basement, it is limited opening hardware and so that’s $3,172 and that’s basically also to control how far those windows can open.”

She adds they would also implement a key system so only authorized individuals can access the windows.

With new windows eventually going in, Wellhausen says ensuring proper window security, particularly on the upper floors, is a needed safety precaution.

“No one can actually go up there and open them themselves, which for security purposes we feel like need something,” said Wellhausen. “The rest of our windows have at some point been silicone shut and these would not be. So, if we don’t put anything they would be able to go up and if anybody at some point decided to exit the building that way, they would be able to. So, this is to make sure they could not.”

Additionally, Wellhausen says over $10,400 of the proposal includes using sun defense windows. While the price is within the same range as other window types, she adds there could be significant cost savings on the back end.

“Based on the fact that it’s going to help our heating and cooling system, especially up on the third and second floor,” said Wellhausen. “As it gets hotter in the summer, you guys have been in (the Page Room) in the summer, this can run significantly warmer. So, if we ad that, it’ll just add an extra element to the windows and hopefully help more with that.”

Supervisor Chuck Morris says similar points of interest regarding the window locks had been given to the county from a recent Homeland Security Audit. The board intends to use American Rescue Plan Act funds to cover the project’s costs.

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