Outdoor lighting can add ambience to a property

The value of having proper lighting in a home is undeniable. Lighting can instantly transform a space and create the ambiance that homeowners want to create. While it can mostly be seen as a way to create mood in a home, lighting can do a lot for lawns and gardens too.

Backyards have come a long way in the past few decades. Backyards that were once reserved as playgrounds for children and as stomping areas for family dogs have become oases for homeowners and their families. Outdoor living areas are very popular, and no such area is complete without outdoor lighting. A recent report by the National Association of Home Builders found that 85 percent of home buyers want outdoor lighting, making them the second most important outdoor space (patios top this list).

Outdoor lighting can have a dramatic impact on landscaping. The online financial resource Kiplinger.com estimates that such lighting is inexpensive. It costs an average of about $ 67 per light to install.

When installing outdoor lighting in their landscapes, homeowners can follow various tips to create a relaxing, impressive mood on their property at night.

Look at uplights: Uplights are installed in the ground and shine directly on a tree, with the focus on its trunk or canopy. This creates a dramatic effect that makes it possible to enjoy majestic trees at night, just as you might if you spend time in the yard during the day.

Focus on trees: Many homeowners already have outdoor lighting on their sidewalks and patios, but focusing on trees can create a completely different look. While it is possible to install outdoor lighting from trees yourself, landscape architects with experience in lighting know which lights will pair most effectively with the trees around your property and how to arrange them for maximum impact.

Opt for warm light: Warm white light creates an inviting feeling around the property. The outdoor lighting experts at Utah Lights recognize that lighting choices are left to the homeowner. However, please also note that people in situations with low ambient light, such as B. for outdoor lights in the vicinity of a property, usually prefer warmer light. This is because warm light is easier on the eyes and draws attention to the features of the landscape. This is the goal of many homeowners when installing outdoor lighting in their yards.

Use a timer: Modern timers for outdoor lighting make it easier than ever to control lighting outside of a home. Many such timers even adapt to the changing seasons and the changing daylight hours. That means homeowners don’t have to tinker with the timer once it’s set.

Outdoor lighting can make a property significantly more attractive without breaking the bank.

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