No experience needed! Fitness instructor, plumber among the highest paid jobs with no work experience

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Looking for a New Job During the Pandemic? Although many professions require a college degree or years of specialist training, this is not the case for every area of ​​work. A new study shows that Americans can actually apply for many high-paying jobs that require little to no work experience to begin with.

A report by The Interview Guys finds that recreational and fitness study teachers and plumbers are among the highest-paying professions that don’t need anything on your resume to get the job. Pipe, steam and insurance agents also need little to no experience, but pay very well.

In the United States, the median income is around $ 42,000. Although jobs that don’t require college education have a reputation for being poorly paid, the study finds several that clearly oppose this trend.

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No work history? no problem

Recreational and fitness study teachers top the list of jobs well above the national average. These professionals make over $ 66,000 a year, although employers don’t need significant work experience. Plumbers, pipe and steam fitters make around $ 56,000 on average, while insurance agents, heating / cooling installers, and refrigeration mechanics also make over $ 50,000 per year.

For students graduating with this expensive college degree but no work experience, you’re in luck. The study finds that many careers are well paid even though most of your experience comes from a classroom.

At the top of the list of jobs that require a college degree or higher but little work experience are occupational therapists. Almost 80 percent of jobs in this area require very little work experience. However, the average salary for an occupational therapist is more than $ 86,000 – more than double the national average! Occupational therapists typically require a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in a related field. However, researchers find that many start with an associate degree in occupational therapy and move on from there.

Audiologists (who work with hearing and ear problems) come second, earning over $ 81,000. Are you thinking about going to a dental school? Good choice! Dental hygienists make over $ 77,000 a year, even though 80 percent of jobs in this field require very little work experience.

University optional

For teens looking to jump into the job market after high school or who haven’t graduated from college, many high-paying jobs don’t place an emphasis on higher education.

Mechanics and construction workers are high on this list of jobs where a high school diploma (or less) is sufficient for employment. The study finds that a promotion to first-line supervisor of mechanics also comes with a nice raise – about $ 70,000 a year. Three out of four workers who apply for this position do not need a high school diploma to be considered by their employers.

Other jobs that gross over $ 50,000 that generally require no more than a high school education include aircraft mechanics, police and police patrol officers, and office or administrative support jobs.

“When it comes to a career change, it’s never too late. Some jobs may require you to go back to school or obtain certain accreditations, but years of experience are not required, ”Jeff Gillis and Mike Simpson of The Interview Guys write in a statement.

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