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A new local business, NickNacks Home Supply, recently opened at 129 Dudley Street in Danville. NickNacks Home Supply is looking to provide the residents of Southern Virginia with high-quality appliances and home improvement materials at surprisingly low prices.

The owner, Nick Preston, came up with the idea for NickNacks Home Supply after finding a series of great deals on appliances and other items for his rental properties, and saw an opportunity to pass the savings on to the local community.

“I have rental properties, and I was looking for some type of good deals on my rentals and rehabs,” Preston said in an interview with the Star-Tribune. “I found a guy that gets stuff at really great prices, so I thought that would be a way for me to fix up my rental houses. And then I decided, ‘Hey, this is a great business. I need to share this with the public.’ There’s a lot of us around here that work on rental houses, or are real tight on money, and they just can’t afford to go to a big box store all the time and spend all those prices. So we opened up NickNacks here.”

“We’re located at 129 Dudley Street in Danville. It’s a piece of a larger warehouse,” Preston continued. “We went in and did some construction and some renovation, trying to make it presentable for selling to the public. We’re kind of like a little mom and pop. We’re doing everything out of our own pocket. We don’t have any type of big-bank financing. It’s just a grassroots thing. A lot of it is word of mouth. We’d love everybody to come shop with us, and support local business owners. We opened up in early April, and we are just offering incredible prices on all home improvement items. Appliances, lighting, doors, bathtubs, vanities, carpets – pretty much anything that you’re going to find at a big box store, we’re going to carry a lot of those same items. Only they’re probably going to be half as expensive, or less.”

NickNacks offers an extensive range of merchandise for those looking for a new item to improve their kitchen or bathroom, or for those looking to work in their yard. And with new items being shipped daily, the inventory is constantly changing.

“You’re not going to come to NickNacks necessarily to find something specific – you might want to go to a Lowe’s for something like that – but when you come into this store, you’ll just be amazed. It’s more like a destination. Destination shopping,” Preston explained. “We’ve put a lot of work in the last couple of months with getting everything in the store, setting it up, and pricing. We receive daily shipments, so if you come in one day, the next day, we might have a lot more selection to choose from. We’re always getting into new refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. We also carry tubs, gloves, bug sprays. We have lawn mowers. The appliances — we have brand-new refrigerators, stoves, cooktops, microwaves, washers, dryers.”

Through his collection of vendors, Preston is able to offer the community with brand-new merchandise at a fraction of the cost of larger retailers. And through the end of April, NickNacks is offering its merchandise, which is already heavily discounted, at half price.

“Most of our items are new. We do have some scratch and dent. We have some returns. Some of it is clearance. Some of it is new seasonal items. But I would say a vast majority of everything would be brand new. With the prices increasing with inflation, there was an opportunity to get things at a great price,” Preston explained. “People deserve nice things. But they might not have that kind of capital or funding in their bank account to afford them. So what we’re doing is trying to provide the community with an opportunity to have quality, name-brand products at a fraction of the retail store pricing. It was something that I just didn’t want to keep everything for myself, or for my friends.”

“Right now we are actually offering 50 percent of everything in the store,” he added. “A lot of our items, we are priced significantly lower than the big box stores anyway. And we’re taking another 50 percent off that price just to drive traffic, move inventory, let people know who we are, and just provide a really great service. The local big box store, whatever their price is, we’re going half of that right now. A $1,500 refrigerator, we’re selling for $750, brand new. A $2,000 refrigerator, we’re selling for $1,000 right now, brand new. I don’t know that we’re always going to carry that promotion. But that’s something we’re definitely doing right now. I’d say we’re probably going to do it at least until the end of the month, we’re going to have 50 percent off in the store.”

In addition to its low prices, NickNacks is offering local residents in the Danville area with same-day delivery for larger items that cannot be transported easily by consumer automobiles.

“We have a delivery service. Typically if it’s local, within the Danville area, we’re charging $60 for delivery. They can typically get it that same day delivered,” Preston said.

For those who may be wondering why NickNacks would be offering such low prices on its items, the owner of the new business says that he’s more focused on serving the community and building new relationships in Southern Virginia than merely getting wealthy off this new venture.

“I love Danville. My wife and I have been here for eight years. We came from Charlotte. We just want to give back to the community,” Preston said. “We’re not making a lot of money at all. Actually with the prices that we’re selling things at, it’s break-even, or making just a little bit. But we’re wanting to provide a service. It’s something that we’re wanting to grow. I think everybody should come and check this store out. I think they’re going to be very surprised with the quality, the variety that we sell, and the extremely low pricing.”

“We’re family-owned,” he added. “We’re just regular people in the community. We’re looking to provide a service, and we enjoy meeting new people. We’re a public thing. Not just an e-commerce or whatever. We want to get involved in the community. We want the community to come out and meet us. We want to build a business the right way – just face-to-face interaction with people.”

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