New Year’s Resolutions of a Plumber

What better New Years resolution than one that can save you money all year round?

Most people don’t think about adding their home, especially their bathroom fixtures, to the long list of New Year’s resolutions that are made each year. Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric plumbers came up with these recommendations that we should be following by 2022.

First of all, decide to keep your pipes healthy. It’s like keeping your own health in order. A good plumbing installation is all about healthy pipes. So far this winter we’ve had the luxury of some warm temperatures. We can’t loosen up so the first solution would be to protect your pipes from the cold. They don’t like the freezing temperatures any more than the people. A frozen pipe can burst the pipe, which can cause a lot of costly water damage before you even notice it.

For your second solution, commit to keeping the drains flowing smoothly by keeping them clear. That means sinks and toilets alike. The only thing that should be flushed down in a toilet is toilet paper. Your toilet is not the place for so-called single-use items, and while many towels claim they will break, Applewood Plumbing often finds these items to be the culprit behind a major backup.

Avoid throwing too much leftover food in your kitchen sink. With the upcoming holidays there is a lot of food prep going on. Garbage trucks are useful, they’re not magic. Edible fat can slide through and solidify, clogging your drainage. By taking good care of your drains and relying less on your disposal, you can avoid costly and time-consuming repairs.

A final resolution would be to make sure your showers are warm all year long in 2022. Our plumbers would make it a New Year’s resolution to schedule annual reviews of your water heater. Have a professional flush the tank to remove any deposits and perform an overall check to assess the condition. This maintenance can ensure you have hot showers year round and extend the life of your device.

Just a few simple ideas for your plumber to add on your new year resolutions list. Hopefully these promotional items will keep your home on track in 2022.

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