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SACRAMENTO, California – Black Ownership Matters (BOM) was created with the aim of providing a network to assist current pest control owners / operators and promoting pest control business ownership.

The organization was organically launched in the summer of 2020 when a group of like-minded people and organizations from across the country came together to support blacks’ economic progress in the field of pest control.

Jason Payne, President of Black Ownership Matters said, “The significant inequality in this and all industries has created a racial wealth gap that we are all struggling to fill. To fill this void, our goal is to promote black ownership of pest control companies and advancement in the industry by providing financial advice, business resources, employee development, mentoring and community support. “

For the past eight months, Black Ownership Matters has met virtually to build the organization from the ground up, including developing mission statement and focus, and choosing leaders. The group has set itself the following three strategic goals:

1. Identify the current black owners in the pest control industry and support their business growth through mentoring and access to resources.

2. Encouraging the professional advancement of professionals in the black industry and supporting upward mobility in their careers through additional training, certifications, licenses, etc. The BOM sees this step as a catalyst for many to begin their property journey.

3. Reaching out to the black community in general to educate them on the vital role pest management plays in everyone’s life – and why this is a great industry to be employed in – – and discuss potential business opportunities that are available locally.

In addition to President Jason Payne (CEO of Payne Pest Management, San Diego), the leadership of Black Ownership Matters includes:

• Wayne Golden, First Vice President + Owner, GSquared Consulting

• Dr. Hamilton Allen, Second Vice President + Florida Regional Technical Director of HomeTeam Pest Defense

• Faye Golden, Treasurer + Director of Government Affairs, Cook’s Pest Control

• Sterling Barbour, Secretary and Vice President of the Veterans Advocacy Group of America (VAGA)

• Dr. Sonja Thomas, Consultant + Expansion Specialist, Pesticide Safety Education, Alabama Cooperative Extension

• Ashley Clark, Director + Vice President, Allenstrategic Communications

• James Steed, Consultant + Owner, Neighborhood Pest Control

Black Ownership Matters is currently expanding membership and support for the construction industry. The organization recently launched their website,, which has additional details about the group and its goals, as well as information on how to support the bill of materials through participation and sponsorship.

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