New Trimble Roadworks 2D Paving provides automatic asphalt thickness

Trimble’s Roadworks 2D Paving Control uses the company’s GL700 Grade laser shown above with its LR410 Laser Receiver to reference a laser plane for asphalt thickness control.

TrimbleThe new Roadworks 2D Paving Control Platform offers automatic screed control for asphalt pavers.

The company states that the system can be installed on new and existing pavers from any manufacturer.

The system is designed to improve the accuracy and speed of installation. According to the company, the Android system software is easy to use for operators of all skill levels.

The system is automatically set to a fixed thickness and can be used for tasks such as highways, state roads, airports and large commercial projects. It uses the same interface as Trimble’s Earthworks Grade Control Platform and many of the same sensors as the PCS400 2D Paving Control System.

In addition to the software, the system features the company’s 7-inch TD510 touchscreen and two external keyboards. A Trimble LR410 laser receiver is used with the GL700 laser to reference a laser plane for thickness control. The system can process single and double laser receivers.

Sensors can be changed quickly, says the company. Operators can use a combination of sound meters, tilt sensors, averaging beam and contact sensors.

Mounted on the sides of the paver or on an averaging beam, the Sonic Tracers send out signals to calculate an average height and achieve a smooth surface. A Sonic Tracer can also be configured to use Stringline as a reference line.

An angle sensor can be used to reference the desired cross slope with an accuracy of up to 0.05 percent, says Trimble.

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