New fence regulations come to Everett Yards

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The city is considering changes to its fence policy.

Right now, the city code states that fences in front yards and between buildings and streets cannot be higher than 3 feet 6 inches and at least 30 percent transparent. (I’m not sure how to measure transparency in a fence, but they talk about the spaces between the boards.) You can have a fence up to 6 feet high in the front yard if it’s 10 feet back and plants intends to. The fence must also allow some transparency.

The most significant of the proposed changes is a required 2 foot kickback from the sidewalk for front yard fences. If you live on a corner lot, the same setback applies to the fence that runs along the side street. The city would require landscaping in the area between the road and the fence.

In addition, the city is already banning chain link fences, but plans to ban other types of metal fencing, including “wire, corrugated, sheet metal or similar”. Wrought iron fences are fine.

UPDATE: The Planning Director contacted me this morning and wanted to make it clear that these suggestions apply to an area called “The Core Residential Area,” which includes the areas around the city center (excluding the central business district) where apartment buildings are allowed. He said: “The fence regulations, such as the ban on chain link fencing, only apply to this area and not to other residential areas.”

The Everett Planning Committee is expected to hear your comments on the matter on December 7th at 6:30 pm on the 8th floor of the Wall Street Building at 2930 Wetmore. You can read the full proposal Here.

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