New Cree Lighting Connected Max Smart LED bulbs offer category-leading user experience and control

DURHAM, NC – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Cree Lighting today launched Connected Max Smart LED lamps, a new portfolio of world-class intelligent lighting designed to improve and simplify the smart home experience for consumers. The Connected Max range offers a flawless setup with Bluetooth for quick pairing and Wi-Fi for fingertip control without the need for a hub. Now consumers can easily customize their home lighting with options ranging from dimmable white to tunable white, changing color across the spectrum of colors. Home automation is also made easier by the unique “Follow the Sun” setting, where the colors and intensity of the lights gradually change over time, providing consumers with a mood-enhancing touchstone for the rhythm of their day.

The new portfolio offers a smart LED option for the most common lamp types, including replacements for 60 W A19, 100 W A21, 65 W BR30 and 120 W PAR38. The light output ranges from 800 lumens to 1,200 lumens and is suitable for use inside and outside the house.

“Cree Lighting continues to innovate and bring the benefits of human-centric lighting to everyone,” said Phil Primato, director of consumer retail for Cree Lighting. “When we researched the smart light bulb market, we found that it was fraught with complex setup issues and poor user experiences. Connected Max Smart LED lamps are designed to address these challenges by combining our expertise in award-winning circadian lighting with a truly hassle-free design and the same high quality light and longevity that Cree Lighting is known for. ”

The connected Max Smart LED bulbs are also designed with affordability in mind, costing just $ 7.99. Color changing options start at $ 9.99.

“Ten dollars is the lowest price I have ever seen for a brand switch,” said Ry Crist, managing editor of CNET, in his first impressions of the new lamp portfolio.

This unmatched combination of performance and value provides consumers with a premium smart home experience and opens up a new world of lighting possibilities.

Intuitive control without a hub

Consumers are frustrated with smart home devices that don’t connect as easily as promised. In response, Cree Lighting’s Connected Max Smart LED lights use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology to make pairing and control easy and reliable. Consumers simply screw in their Connected Max lamps and download the easy-to-use Cree Lighting app, available in both the Apple and Android app stores. After the download, the app quickly detects any lightbulbs in the vicinity and automatically pairs them with them. Once paired, a step-by-step, fully guided setup provides intuitive instructions for custom scene setting and lighting control, making it easy for users to personalize their home experience, inside and out.

Connected Max Smart LED lamps can be switched on or off, dimmed or changed in color from anywhere with the Cree Lighting app or by voice command with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Tailor-made light for every lifestyle

The Connected Max portfolio includes four tunable white and color changing bulbs that offer consumers endless customization options in addition to industry leading color rendering (90+ CRI). Users can choose their preferred shade of white light for everyday use, from warm 2200K candlelight to cool 6500K midday light, or create a unique atmosphere with millions of different mood-inducing colors. For those who need inspiration, the Cree Lighting App also offers dozens of preset dynamic lighting scenes. Options are intuitively categorized according to activity and mood, e.g. B. “Focus” for optimal brightness and color to stimulate productivity or “Fireplace” for a more comfortable change of setting, just to name a few.

Bring in nature

The tunable white and color changing Connected Max lamps also have a human-centered “Follow the Sun” setting that automatically adjusts the color and intensity of the LED lamps throughout the day to mimic the natural cadence of sunlight from morning to evening . Users can now enjoy a more natural morning routine with warm, soft lights when the sun comes up, cooler, brighter lights that increase productivity, smoothly fade into midday, and finally end their evening with soothing light that returns at sunset warmed up. This subtle yet powerful effect gives users more control over their natural balance and wellbeing throughout the day, all thanks to the easy control of the intuitive Cree Lighting app.

Connected Max Smart LED bulbs are available in select Lowe stores and online at Amazon,, and other online retailers. All Connected Max Smart LED lamps are ENERGY STAR® qualified, designed for a service life of 25,000 hours and come with a 5-year 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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