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CANFIELD, Ohio – FPS Roofing was at the seams at its previous location at 330 Newtons St., said co-owner John Petruzzi. Now, at its new location, the company has a chance to continue growing, he said.

“We’ve expanded to have our own metal shop where we can make all of our metal for jobs,” said Petruzzi. He joined co-owners John Christopher and John French and their staff on a Thursday morning to sever the new room at 580 W. Main St.

Petruzzi declined to disclose the purchase price, but said the new building was a “substantial” investment. In addition to the metal store, the building has tall bays and doors for larger equipment like the company’s Lull forklifts.

“You have to invest to grow and that’s what we’re doing right now,” said Petruzzi. “We’re centrally located between Pittsburgh and Cleveland and we work a lot in both directions. It’s nice because we ship from here and can respond promptly to any service calls we have. ”

Petruzzi, Christopher and French have more than 60 years of roofing experience, said Christopher.

“We look forward to getting things rolling here this spring,” said Christopher. “We outgrew the old building that came and we had the opportunity to get it.”


Since 2001, the commercial and industrial roofing company has served residents and customers in 38 states, Petruzzi said. The company has performed work on Boardman Plaza and local hospitals through its 24-hour emergency repair service.

While FPS is still in the planning stages for this year, some of the rooftop projects Petruzzi has in mind are industrial plants, hospitals, plazas and malls, he said. Every now and then, multi-million dollar projects pop up, but Petruzzi has gotten used to the usual everyday projects, he said.

According to Petruzzi, FPS installs all major types of roof systems, such as: B. Ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer, a durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane often used in low-pitch buildings. thermoplastic polyolefin, a single-ply roofing membrane that covers the roof surface; and polyvinyl chloride, which is a thermoplastic covering for a roof.

Petruzzi says FPS is also working on roof repairs and maintenance, as well as completing roof extensions to extend the life of an owner’s roof.

“By going out with the tools and our technicians and evaluating it, we can work out a plan to do the maintenance on the existing roof and give them extra life on their roof to save them money,” he said.

Depending on the time of year, FPS has between 30 and 80 employees, said Christopher.

“A lot depends on the weather,” said Petruzzi. “We have maybe five, six or seven crews that we go through in the high season and that rejuvenate in the winter months. But we are always looking for workers. They are valued and as we grow we need more workers. “

When it comes to employees, safety remains a top priority, Petruzzi said.

“We value our employees and want to make sure they are not hurt,” he said. “We want to protect both our assets and the assets of our customers when we work on their roofs.”

Working at FPS is like working with family, said Ryan Krispinsky, regional manager and service director.

“All three owners are very handy, which is helpful when dealing with customers,” he said. “There isn’t much of a disruption and we’re small enough to provide great customer service but big enough to serve larger customers.”

Pictured above: FPS Roofing at 580 W. Main St., Canfield.

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