New asphalt pavers from Ammann

The Swiss-based manufacturer Ammann has launched a new range of asphalt pavers that are said to be technologically advanced.

The new range includes 17 models with track and wheel versions, while the screed options include tamper / vibrate, high compaction and rigid frame. There are three main size groups of the 17 models: compact pavers (including the mini paver), urban pavers and large pavers.

The compact pavers have production capacities of 300 tons / h and maximum paving widths of 3.1 m. The company stated that it offers the unique mini paver AFW 150-2 with a paving width of only 250 mm in particularly tight spaces.

The four urban paver models can place 350 tons per hour with a maximum width of 4.7 m. The company said their mobility and size made them great tools for urban construction sites and inner-city applications where smaller roads needed to be placed quickly.

The large paving stones can now achieve an hourly production of 1100 tons with a maximum width of 14 m. Ammann said the machines are well suited for large construction sites where quality, speed and large pavement widths are key.

All models will be available worldwide.

Christian Schneider, CEO of the Ammann Group, said: “With this introduction, Ammann is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the road construction segment. Our line of asphalt and concrete plants, compactors and light equipment is very competitive.

“The addition of a full line of premium asphalt pavers will expand our extremely strong, complete product offering. Together with our Apollo paver line, we now have the most comprehensive asphalt paver line in the industry. “

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