Nema 14-50 installation location / garage | Page 3

Correct. Then the MY would also have to be set to the correct amplifiers to suit it.

I have just measured. It’s 19 feet from the drywall to my garage door. I might actually be lucky as long as they are installed closer to the right. They would have to be mounted as deep as possible on the ground. If they insist on not installing a big deal on the left side (for cost reasons) all I have to do is switch parking spaces.

Since the cable is 20 feet long when installed 2 feet off the ground (unless the code says 4 feet) I mount the chassis underneath and run it 18 feet long. I think I can possibly pull it off. What this makes or breaks is the height of the socket and what the code states. When I measure the Gfci outlet that I now have next to the door that leads into the house, it measures 4 feet above the floor which is right in the center of the outlet. I think the code is just that unless there is some way to install the 14-50 lower.

My question is this. I will only have the vehicle or the mobile connection after they have installed the socket. What would be the best way to make sure this works for the way it is? Your job is to install the socket as they don’t take care of the rest.

I will still be asking about the difference in cost to install on the right side of the garage, although the future homeowner may or may not prefer it.

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