Nashville-Based QE Roofing Cautions Homeowners About Unfair Insurance Company Practices

Nashville, TN – Roofing companies across the nation are familiar with unfair insurance company practices. Unfortunately, according to the expert at Nashville’s QE Roofing, most homeowners are not. Today, the residential and commercial roofing company shares information for consumers to help spot these unscrupulous practices.

According to QE Roofing, there are five signs one’s insurance company may not have the best interests of the insured at heart. These are asking questions outside of a reasonable time frame, insisting that homeowners read their policy, making promises without payments, short paying, and doing nothing.

  • Poorly-timed questions. Insurance adjusters know exactly what to ask when one calls in a claim. An experienced adjuster will find out on their first (and, ideally, only) visit to the homeowner’s home what happened, how much it should cost to repair, the type of coverage that’s available, and whether the damages are legitimate. While one or two follow-up calls may be necessary and appropriate, if this Q&A session drags out for weeks or months, it’s time to dig deeper into the delays.
  • “Read your policy” diversion. As a homeowner, one likely has not read every line of their homeowner policy. This is common, and adjustors know how to use this to divert their attention away from status delays. If a homeowner calls to ask a question, and their adjuster tells them to read their policy, they are likely hoping that they’ll spend time determining whether or not they’ve made a mistake and leave them alone.
  • Bad faith insurance. Once the homeowner has received their roofing repair quote, and the insurance adjuster has approved payment, homeowners might experience a delay weeks later that they still don’t have a check. There are many reasons for this, including unresolved issues, an adjuster that can’t make up their mind, or even a misplaced file. Either way, homeowners have lots of promises that have yet to see action.
  • Short payments. Underpayments are a common practice throughout the home insurance industry. It also happens when insurers are forced to pay for commercial roofing repairs. If, despite multiple quotes supporting X price, one’s insurance company offers much less, they are likely trying to delay the payment so that they can pay later.
  • No response. One of the most disheartening experiences for homeowners after a major disaster is the lack of response from their insurance company. Although there are guidelines that they must abide by, this doesn’t always happen. This may not necessarily be out of ill intent, and sometimes adjusters and underwriters are overwhelmed and overworked. Either way, homeowners suffer, and their home is at greater risk of further damage every day that repairs are not made.

Home insurance is a complicated matter, and coming to a fair settlement is not always as simple as it seems. However, it should not take weeks or even months for one’s adjuster to respond to questions. And homeowners should not have to wait to get a fair and equitable settlement so that they can repair their home and get on with their life.

QE Roofing has serviced Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill, Smyrna, Nolensville, Columbia, and Murfreesboro since 2006. They are certified by many of the biggest names in the roofing industry today, including Owens Corning, Versico, and Inland Coatings. For more information about QE Roofing’s residential roofing and roof maintenance services, visit the website at

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