Named Solar Lights reach 1.5 million people in Zambia

Namene Solar announced the certification of a new project in Zambia that will release the carbon value of a solar light to offer customers truly affordable, high quality solar lighting for the first time. The lights will reach over 1.5 million people living in rural households with no access to electricity and will be funded through the sale of emission allowances.

Patrick Lagrange, General Manager of Namene Solar, said: “A clean solar light changes life in the hands of a rural family in Zambia. It is more than just a source of light, it has many positive social effects. These lights provide access to modern energy. Reduce Reduce CO2 emissions from kerosene lamps and create extra study hours so that children can safely do their homework after dark. You prevent toxic, noxious fumes and eliminate the dangers of open flame lighting. Safe sunlight wherever it is needed. “

The new project by Namene Solar is the first solar project in Zambia to be certified according to the Gold Standard. A total of 652,000 solar lights will be distributed, benefiting 1.5 million people – 9% of the total population of Zambia. The project saves households more than $ 150 and each light avoids 92 kg of CO2 emissions each year.

The project contributes directly to several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including SDG1: no poverty; SDG7: universal clean energy and SDG13 climate protection. The solar lights also have several immediate benefits for users, including improving educational outcomes and reducing the health risks associated with kerosene lamps.

Gold Standard certification comes one year after Namene Solar received a UK award for African Development for Innovative Business Model of the Year.

About Namene Solar

Solar Name ( ) @namesesolar provides unlimited solar energy. Our goal is to give everyone, everywhere, access to clean, affordable energy. We do this by connecting people to the sun to empower their lives. As solar specialists, we offer solar solutions of all sizes. From our award-winning SM100 portable solar light to fully funded end-to-end solar systems. For the growing number of people who choose to have solar power for their homes, lives and businesses, Namee Solar is making the transition possible. Further information is available at: external link #LightsPowerAction

About gold standard

Gold Standard ( external link), @goldstandard) was founded in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs as a best practice standard to help #GrowToZero the world. Gold Standard certified projects and programs accelerate progress towards the net zero goal of the Paris Climate Agreement while catalyzing the impact on the broader sustainable development goals. With its standard, the gold standard for the global goals, climate and development initiatives can quantify, certify and maximize their impact on climate security and sustainable development. Certification to the standard gives confidence that these results will be measured and verified, and allows for credible reporting of the impact. As an associate member of ISEAL and supported by a broad NGO support network, Gold Standard has over 1,800 projects underway in over 90 countries that are creating billions of dollars in shared value through climate and development efforts around the world.

Source: Namene Solar

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