Mitie starts the landscape design service “Plan Zero City”

Mitie has launched a Plan Zero City landscaping service aimed at providing sustainable services to customers with zero carbon ambitions and helping to reduce emissions in areas of high pollution

This is part of Mitie’s Plan Zero commitment to advocating sustainable services to customers and achieving its own net zero carbon emissions target by 2025.

The Plan Zero City Landscaping Service has replaced all chemicals like pesticides and synthetic fertilizers with environmentally friendly techniques like hand weeding to further reduce the impact on the environment.

In addition, the service only uses sustainable work practices, including adhering to flexible work schedules, to reduce urban traffic at peak times and eliminate all single-use plastic by replacing plastic bags with reusable polypropylene garbage bags and shelf bags.

The service will also focus on helping customers improve the ecology of their environment by providing expert advice and action to improve biodiversity in the communities in which they are located. This could include planting wildflowers to encourage pollinators or creating “green walls”.

Drawing on Mitie Waste’s experience and expertise, the Plan Zero landscaping service also uses sustainable waste management techniques to ensure that no waste is sent to landfill. This includes reducing the environmental impact by eliminating waste generation as well as improving recycling rates. All general waste generated is processed into heat and electricity.

Green waste is sent to anaerobic digestion plants where it is processed into methane, liquid fertilizer, and compost for use in a number of industries including natural gas power and agriculture.

A sustainability approach for greener cities

The Plan Zero City Landscaping Service will be tested in London and rolled out in other major cities across the UK later this year.

Mitie marks the start of the new Plan Zero City Landscaping Service with the delivery of its 550th electric vehicle. Mitie is already three-quarters on the way to reaching its most important milestone in switching to 20% of its cars and vans (around 715 vehicles). The Mercedes e-Vito will join the 449 other electric cars that will be in a little more than a year belong to Mitie’s fleet, one of the largest electric fleets in the UK.

Tim Howell, Managing Director of Landscapes, Mitie, said, “Our new Plan Zero City Landscaping Service offers the most sustainable service, from vehicle and tool selection to waste disposal.

“We looked at every element of the service in detail, from banning black garbage bags to returning traditional and manual landscaping techniques.

“While there is still a long way to go in the fight against climate change, we are proud to lead the industry with this sustainability approach that helps create greener cities.”

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