Meet Clean-Tek Flooring Systems, located in the STL Partnership Wellston Business Center

Clean-Tek tells their story and how they hold out through COVID.

Before and after picture of bathroom floors cleaned and repaired by Clean-Tek Flooring Systems, Inc.

Clean-Tek Flooring Systems, Inc. at the Wellston Business Center has been thriving since 2003. The company is a janitorial, cleaning, and flooring company providing services to the private sector, as well as local, state, and federal agencies. Specializations also include encapsulation of carpets, restoration and rejuvenation of tiles and specialty floors.

“The Wellston Business Center is ideally located for our company and is conveniently located next to Wellston Underground Station and several bus routes,” said Sergio Cuevas, owner of Clean-Tek Flooring Systems, Inc. “Some of the benefits of having and having a meeting room on site network with other small businesses in the center. “

Cuevas came to the United States in 1972 after leaving Chile, his native country. He then worked for the Ford Motor Company in Argentina in 1973 and returned to the United States as a permanent residence in 1974. In 1979 he received citizenship. In 2003 Sergio decided to pursue his entrepreneurial goals.

Before and after the picture of the floor being cleaned by Clean-Tek Flooring Systems, Inc.

“Our first major order from 2003 to 2009 with Lambert Airport gave us sustainability and the ability to deal with growth,” said Sergio. “We are proud to have grown and now we have a total of 32 employees, managers and supervisors. We are grateful for the commitment of several large institutions that have also been part of our growth.”

Clean-Tek Flooring Systems, Inc. also prides itself on weathering COVID-19. “To help us thrive during this pandemic, we will maintain open communication with our current contractors and customers and address their growing needs,” said Cuevas. “Because we offer cleaning services, our customers are often asked for additional disinfection, disinfection and cleaning. We are also stepping up our marketing efforts to let new and potential customers know that we are here and what we are doing. “

Cuevas is also excited about future goals for his company. “We want to make sure we continue to grow properly and create well-paying jobs while maintaining a solid reputation as a reliable MBE / DBE,” said Cuevas. “We will achieve this through our committed employees and employees, whose common goal is customer satisfaction.”

For more information on Clean-Tek Flooring Systems, LLC, visit the website here.

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