Maurice Tarrance is the owner of AC King Lawn Services.

To meet: Maurice (Reese) Tarrance, DBA AC KING Lawn Services, founded in 2017

Education: Newcomerstown High School Graduate, 1987; United States Marine Corps.

Place: Newcomerstown

Phone: 740-202-0023

Services: Free Quotes – Mowing, Landscaping, General Garden Cleaning. We also offer commercial snow removal.

INTRODUCTION: By Maurice Tarrance

“My story is a little different from other business owners in that I had to start one in order to have a job for myself. My life story begins after graduating from Newcomerstown High School and a year later with Marine Corp. I had great intentions to be with the Marines for 20 years, but it never came to pass. After 2 1/2 years I was injured and returned to Newcomerstown. Unfortunately, I’ve spent several years leading a life that I wasn’t proud of. Those times were tough for me, my family, and others I came in contact with. These consequences also arose

serving three sentences. I was on my way back to CRC – Correctional

Reception Center – the third time I received an unexpected gift from ours

Now retired Tuscarawas County Sheriff Walt Wilson. Sherriff Wilson gave me one

Bible and said, “I can lead a man to water, but I cannot make him drink it.” The

is when I wondered who tricked whom? What did he think – that I wouldn’t read it or that he was tricking me because I knew I would. He challenged me and I accepted the offer. I am now an avid reader of the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from perfect, but a much better man than all those years ago. There were many people along the way who stood behind me and believed I could reform my old ways. I have met wonderful Christians including Linda and Ricky Daughtery from Sugarcreek who are just some of the people I am grateful for on this life journey. I am a testament to God’s grace. God took a nobody like me and turned them into a renewed person I can be proud of. I am now a mentor in prisons, helping ex-convicts like me get a second chance when they get out of jail and re-enter the world of work. I wasn’t lucky enough to have this opportunity – and I know why – I had to prove myself. I just want to give hopes, dreams and opportunities for a better life to others who serve their time.

“I like to think of it as my life’s work. Prisoners who are visited while in detention are much less likely to recur. The chances of reverting to this behavior are also greater if they are visited closer to their release date. These sessions are an example of this Prisoners learning how to live the teachings of Christ, helping set goals for the future, and most importantly, having someone to talk to have been right where they are.

“I am extremely grateful that I once earned the respect of the family and the community

again, and I am providing the services they need to businesses and individuals who have now

a renewed opinion from Reese Tarrance. “

Maurice, please tell us a little about yourself, your family, and why you chose this type of business in Newcomerstown.

“I live in Newcomerstown with my friend Courtney King. We have four dogs that we love very much. Courtney and I have lived in Newcomerstown most of our lives, as have our family members. I founded AC King Lawn Services to not only keep myself and others busy, but also to put my creative and perfectionist tendencies into practice. This career means so much to me too because I fought hard to make it happen.

“I was also taught these skills by my grandfather Elton Collins. As a young boy, I would spend a lot of time with him, mowing lawns and growing around property. These were great memories for me and not something I thought I would would do.” Use it as a business venture someday, but I think my grandfather would be so proud of the man I have become. He taught me the right methods to do this type of work and expected that I would be a reflection of him. My aunt Diane suggested starting this type of business. I had always taken care of their lawn and landscaping. One day, “She’s like Reese – you have to do this for a living – you’re great.”

“In our spare time, Courtney and I admit that we are BINGO fanatics. We love playing with our BINGO family and enjoying the community. We made many new friends along the way.”

What services are offered as part of the AC King Lawn Service?

“In summer I mow courtyards, generally tidy up and my creativity is suitable for landscaping. I can make any vision come true, or I can

I would be happy to design the layout for you. I love to beautify courtyards and their surroundings. Winter is the time when I clear snow for businesses, churches and the congregation. I also travel out of town to mow lawns, plow snow, and meet other seasonal lawn needs. I see it, believe it and achieve it

What would you like to highlight for us?

“AC King is named after Courtney’s son Austin Craig King. We thought it best to name the new company after Austin, as I was concerned that using my name at the beginning could hinder customer acquisition. We started with Austin and I mowed together during his school vacation over the summer. He has since graduated from college and moved on to his full-time job, but it was a great way for him to start his resume as well. Courtney’s mother, Betsy Wise, was a gift from God to me too. Betsy takes care of the bookkeeping and billing for AC King Lawn Services. I can’t thank her enough for her help.

“I would end by saying, you can choose to trust God even if your current circumstances feel overwhelming or even helpless. God is greater than all fears – give it to him and trust him. I look back at mine.” Past and Realize That God Was Always There to lead me in a different direction. My story may be full of broken pieces, horrific choices, and ugly truths, but after following His direction, I have made a big comeback. I now have peace in my soul and a grace that saved my life. I cannot thank the people who believed in me enough. I pray every day that my story will help someone else because the story is important to everyone. I also pray that I will continue on the path of growth as an even better version of myself. People break, but they can also recover and move forward . Despite my shortcomings, my story is valid and has given me the strength to help other people lead lives that they may want to change for the better.

“When you see me plowing snow next to each other in winter or mowing the lawn on my New Zero Turn John Deere in summer, you wave to old Reese and know that not only is he turning the snowplow or mower. But he has a life of his own rotated 360 degrees. “

Psalm 32: 8 “I will instruct you and teach you how to walk; I will advise you with my loving eye on you. “


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