Marvin introduces impact-resistant windows and doors on the coast

SIW products are now officially Marvin Signature Coastline windows and doors after Marvin acquired the Palm Beach County-based company in 2018.

Marvin Signature Coastline windows and doors, according to the company, combine aesthetics, design flexibility and advanced coastal performance. The reinforced glass and the solid frame made of extruded aluminum withstand flying debris and do not require any additional protective measures such as shutters or wooden boards. All products that were previously available through SIW are now available through Marvin. The Coastline product line complements other Marvin Ultimate and Elevate branded products to represent the broader Marvin Coastal Solutions portfolio.

“Confidence in quality is paramount – especially in areas where hurricanes and tropical storms occur. With Marvin Coastline, homeowners can rest assured that their windows will withstand inclement weather. Thanks to the high quality design of these products, they can also love the look of their home, ”says Paul Marvin, CEO of Marvin.

Coastal windows and doors are manufactured at a new facility in West Palm Beach. The portfolio includes awning windows, casement windows, panorama windows, folding doors and multi-sliding doors. The offer also includes garage door, entrance door, revolving door and shop window solutions, which are new products in Marvin’s portfolio. Coastal windows and doors offer a wide variety of product types, sizes, configurations and design options and come in large sizes.

Marvin Signature Coastline windows and doors are available from Marvin Coastline dealers across Florida.

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