Luxury Flooring Ideas for 2019 – Times Square Chronicles

Because of the new tastes homeowners have acquired over time, new flooring trends and designs are emerging in 2019. Technological advances are another reason for changing and innovating new trends in flooring design. If you are planning to remodel or move into a new home, knowing the different floor trends in order to have a beautiful home and improve the overall aesthetics of your home is important.

Bleached and blanched woods

For people who prefer a softer look on their floor, this is the best idea. Many wood floors have a glossy brown look that is not well suited for people who would rather have a whitewashed look on their floors. This particular type of wood has been bleached to give it a softer look and enhance its charm and beauty. The bleached and blanched look for floors in 2019 is particularly suitable for retreats by the sea and in country houses.

Vintage black and white

Vintage brings back the feeling of living in the past while maintaining a classy look. People who choose vintage floors want to carry the warmth of the last few decades with them. This is a bold and very luxurious look on floors. Instead of having the average black and white floors, a bit of vintage can be added to enhance the look a bit and to exaggerate the floor’s graphic patterns. Vintage floors feel luxurious and give your home a unique look.

Wooden floors laid out in pretty patterns

Patterned wood layouts are the best choice when you want to remove familiar and basic floor patterns. In 2019 there are a number of stylish floor ideas that will add the perfect, unique and stylish touch to your space. Chevron and herringbone patterns are increasingly being used in kitchens and bathrooms in particular. This particular floor idea is unique and ensures that your house doesn’t look normal like everyone else in the neighborhood.

Graphic tiles

This floor design is perfect for art lovers. Graphic tiles are the way to go if you want your home to feature unique and ornate patterns. With the advancement of technology, different images and images can be reproduced on the floor depending on the homeowner’s desire. Graphic tiles can be in the design of repeating patterns, puzzles, or other unique patterns. These tiles come in single or homochrome colors, but that doesn’t limit you to having a variety of colors on your floor if you want it more colorful.

Laminate flooring trends

It is possible today to have laminate flooring, an option that wasn’t available years ago. Laminate floors make floors look hot in style, and an extra light color gives the floor a very rustic texture. In 2019 there are floor patterns made of laminate that look and feel like wood.

Waterproof flooring

There is an incredibly wide range of waterproof floors today, which was not the case in the early years. Waterproof floors are the current theme when it comes to floor patterns and you can choose the design you want. Waterproof floors range from vinyl, laminate to carpeted floors, which makes them a great choice for everyone. There are also WPC waterproof vinyl floors that are popular with many people these days. These floors give your house a very modern and convincing look and look particularly good on the kitchen floors

Environmentally conscious flooring In 2019 this is another flooring idea that has been very well received. Since most homeowners and residents are millennials, there needs to be a soil that has an impact on society and the environment in general. In addition to making beautiful and affordable floors, it is important to consider what is important to buyers in this case, environmental protection. The general idea of ​​making everything environmentally friendly has led to these floors having to be made from recycled materials. There are also plenty of hardwood floors that have been recycled and reclaimed. As an alternative to solid wood floors, manufacturers produce more environmentally friendly cork and bamboo floors.

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