Lucy Mecklenburgh is “stressed” by renovating the house as fans accuse Ryan of being “selfish”.

Lucy Mecklenburgh is stressed out as she and her fiancé Ryan Thomas undertake a major renovation to their Manchester home, a source told a new magazine this week.

The 29-year-old, mother of her one-year-old son Roman, recently revealed how Ryan bought the house without even seeing it. And speaking of Lorraine, the former Corrie actor admitted he was still in the kennel after realizing the renovations may be more than they could handle.

“I’m still in trouble today. It’s a construction site, ”he explained. “I can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually it’ll be fine, but now … Everyone knows moving is hard work. I’ve taken on more than I can chew with the house, but eventually we will be happy. “

Ryan Thomas has announced that he is “still in trouble” with Lucy Mecklenburgh for buying a house

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“Lucy likes to be organized and controlled,” claimed the new source. “Getting Ryan to buy a house that takes a lot of work without telling her or showing her first, it really freaked her out. She feels like she has a lot on her plate and while she appreciates the idea of ​​them building a family home together, she just wishes she had been more involved in the decision. It felt very impulsive and the house is currently uninhabitable. It will take a lot of work and time. “

Ryan, 36, shares 12-year-old daughter Scarlett with ex-Tina O’Brien, 37, and has spoken openly about the stress of traveling between Manchester and the house he shares with Lucy in Essex to keep them on a regular basis see. Ryan faced a wave of backlash from fans when he was shocked to buy the house without Lucy’s permission. One branded him “selfish” and another added that it was a “strange” thing.

Lucy announced the news of her new home on Instagram

Lucy announced the news of her new home on Instagram

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“Lucy understands Ryan has to be around Scarlett and it’s not the idea to have a base in Manchester that she’s injured because of,” claimed New’s source. Moving the little one will definitely put a strain on her – especially since she will be away from her family and friends in Essex. A renovation is a big undertaking for a young family. “

The mammoth project is based on a turbulent time for the couple. Ryan recently announced that he had shelved his acting ambitions because he couldn’t face the constant trolling and rejections.

Lucy Meck was worried about Ryan Thomas drinking after admitting he had two bottles of wine a night, Buddy says

Lucy Meck and Ryan are doing renovations to their new Manchester home

He also admitted that he “missed” not being Lucy’s “top priority” after welcoming their son Roman last year, and announced that he is concerned about the “constant struggle” he has with his drinking Has.

“Lucy is so supportive of Ryan and he and Roman are her priority,” our source continued. “Despite the stress of taking this step, she hopes that the new house will be a fresh start for everyone in the end.”

You know what they’re saying guys – the couple who renovate together stay together!

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