Luceplan is expanding the “nomadic” lighting collection for indoor and outdoor living

Dezeen Promotion: The Italian lighting brand Luceplan has expanded its growing outdoor collection with four new product families that combine the sensitivity for indoor design with durable, weatherproof materials.

The product launches include the outdoor lamp Fienile by Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken, the filigree Flia floor lamp by Alessandro Zambelli as well as the bollard and wall lamp Nui and the portable Nui mini by the Milanese duo Meneghello Paolelli Associati.

Luceplan describes the new launches as “multifunctional, nomadic objects” that would look just as much at home in a living room as they would in a garden, with some supposed to switch between the two and others in terms of interior design.

Luceplan’s new outdoor lighting collection includes the Flia light by Alessandro Zambelli (above) and the Nui bollard by Meneghello Paolelli Associati (above).

“The new Luceplan outdoor collection is based on one fundamental consideration: in contemporary design trends, indoor and outdoor areas tend to blend and interact,” said Patrizia Vicenzi, CEO of the brand.

“There are no longer any clear separations or distinctions. Instead, the aesthetic and functional osmosis between different settings grows.”

Fienile outdoor bollard from LuceplanThe shadow of Daniel Rybakken’s Fienile light is reminiscent of a gable roof

In recognition of this shift, Rybakken Luceplan presented its Fienile table lamp for indoor use as a bollard for outdoor use from 2019.

Available in two sizes and two different shades of gray, it has the same distinctive hue as its ancestor, which was shaped by the gable roof of traditional Norwegian buildings.

“Fienile Outdoor is an architectural microfabrication with walls and a sloping roof extruded in a single solid block of coated aluminum while the diffuser is made of polycarbonate,” explained Luceplan.

Three-headed Flia light in an outdoor settingFlia lights can be combined in groups of three

The Flia series, designed by the Italian designer Zambelli, is characterized by its spindle-shaped and strong, antenna-like carbon fiber stems, which are crowned with miniaturized LED light sources.

They can be paired in groups of two or three at three different heights, while a rechargeable version can be carried around like a flashlight.

Nui Mini Light from Luceplan in an interiorThe Nui Mini Light is designed to live both indoors and outdoors

The Nui mini is also a portable, battery-operated table lamp that can move effortlessly between different environments thanks to its refined geometric silhouette.

The light has a tubular steel plate that can be painted in white, gray or sand, and a curved glass base that reflects the light emanating from above.

Nui Poller outdoor lamp by Meneghello Paolelli AssociatiThe Nui bollard features concrete rather than a glass base and top

In contrast, the regular Nui range includes fixed floor and wall lights for outdoor use with a concrete base that can be covered with concrete shades in three different sizes, from a flat disc to an elongated cylinder.

“The effect is that of sculptural, minimal objects, but with a strong personality,” explained Luceplan.

Nui bollard outdoor lamp by LuceplanNui comes with colors in three different sizes

According to the brand, the launches are best for sheltered outdoor spaces such as private homes, community gardens, and the exteriors of hotels or offices, where they can create a seamless transition to the interior.

They complement an existing range of outdoor lights, including the Grande Costanza Open Air by Luceplan founder Paolo Rizzatto, Ross Lovegroves Pod Lens and Ecran In & Out by French designer Inga Sempé.

You can find more information about Luceplan’s outdoor collection at

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