Lubbock Animal Services to put on fence repair project | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas – For the first time, Lubbock Animal Services is putting on what they’re calling “Helping Hands Fence Repair.”

For this project, they’re trying to gather up as many volunteers, donations and supplies as possible to go out and help repair fences for those who may not be able to get the repairs done on their own.

Jessica Smith, the field supervisor for LAS, is the brain behind the idea. She said it’s mostly the elderly and low-income community that needs help fixing their fence.

For the most part, fence issues are why they get a lot of stray calls. However, they’re not the only ones who receive calls like these.

Lee Noble, co-owner for Noble Fence, said dogs and West Texas wind keep them pretty busy. He said there are different types of fences that are better suited to keep pets contained.

“Chain link fences are good for being able to see through and then maybe the dog won’t get so anxious. If you do a wood fence, it catches a lot of wind, which is what we get a lot of around here, of course, and one other option is a concrete footer underneath the fence,” he explained.

While the concrete footer is a bit pricier to install, Noble said it’s worth it if it keeps digging dogs in the yard. For LAS, though, they’re just trying to help themselves by helping others keep their dogs off the streets.

Smith said, “We’re trying to just help out the community as best we can with stuff that people can’t afford.”

They’re accepting any and all donations, whether that’s different fence materials, donations, any other supplies, or just volunteers donating their time.

Once they have enough supplies collected, dates to go out and repair fences will be set. To donate or get further information, call LAS at (806) 775-2057 and ask for Smith. Also, follow the LAS Facebook page to stay updated.

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