Long plank flooring for your home

Few flooring options provide the effect produced by an extra-long, extra-wide plank. It allows you to display the beauty of a natural wood floor in its best form. Long plank flooring showcases the style, knots, and grain of the wood, creating a beautiful and exciting foundation for the rest of the room.

The use of long floor planks in rooms is designed to add value to the interior and display the room’s true worth. You can use the long floor plank for large living spaces, and open hallways that you feel need a vibrant underfloor. This article will inform you why you should consider long plank flooring for your home. The long plank flooring method works for all types of housing.

What makes it trending?

The long plank flooring design is trending because of its ability to make a room more elongated, providing it with extra length and width? The combination of extra length and width makes your room feel generous. This approach to home flooring design, when compared to traditional designs, helps provide a clutter-free and calming floor design. Long plank flooring helps eliminate or reduce joints, providing for a clean and bright space.

Available finish for long plank flooring

Long planks for flooring are available in several tasteful designs.

  • Solid wood flooring. The solid wood flooring also referred to as the king of flooring, is made of hard and solid timber, oak, maple or walnut. Its main benefit is that it can be refinished and polished several times during its lifespan.

This type of wood flooring helps to add to the resale value of your house, as it is considered high quality. Its quality and long lifespan are major attractions.

  • Engineered wood flooring. So called; composite wood, man-made wood, or manufactured board. It is a derivative of wood products combined to form a composite material. It looks similar to solid wood but has a lesser thickness. It is slightly cheaper than solid wood and can be polished and refinished once or twice over its lifespan.
  • Laminate flooring. This flooring is also cheaper than solid wood flooring. It is a multi-layered flooring product designed to resemble solid wood. The inner core layer is made of resin and fiberboard material, with a protective layer usually above the outer photographic layer. It is available in several color ranges; coppers, ash, limestone, and deep brown.
  • Click vinyl flooring. This type of luxury vinyl tile is durable, warm, and provides water resistance. It is mostly used in rooms with high traffic because of its durability and water resistance. The click vinyl flooring offers an easy installation mechanism on the board’s edges, allowing for laying without glues.

Size of long plank flooring

Long plank flooring is available in several lengths and widths. Most long plank flooring designs usually measure between 1.2m to 2.4m in length. The planks have widths between 160mm and 300mm. However, solid wood planks appear to be shorter and narrower in dimension. The smaller dimension of the solid wood results from its natural warp. Engineered wood flooring uses plywood as its base, making for a more stable shape, allowing planks with more length and width.

Ease of installation

The ease of floor plank installation stems from the material used and not the size of the flooring. Generally, a competent DIY person can easily install laminate flooring with associated clicks, but a solid or engineered wood will require a professional to install.


Using solid timber usually costs more than other types of wood for long plank flooring. The cost comes from the requirement of providing seamless cuts from trees without imperfections. So trees of the highest quality are used to produce this kind of flooring. Engineered wood, laminate, and vinyl wood are slightly cheaper, with minimal difference.

It is important to select a flooring finish that will provide a timeless appeal, looking elegant, confident, and attractive as the years wear on. Long plank flooring provides the needed appeal to keep your floor radiant year-in-year-out.

Comfort and convenience

A common belief is that plank flooring is best for areas with moderate humidity. This belief stems from long plank flooring expanding and contracting as atmospheric humidity varies over the seasons, resulting in warping and cupping. Warping and cupping of wood occur in areas where a cold, dry one follows the warm season.

The effect of wood warping and cupping can be reduced when long floor plank manufacturing companies use high-quality, oven-dried wood. Oven-dried wood is more durable and is less affected by weather effects. Long plank flooring is generally durable and provides warmth underfoot.

Long plank flooring advantages

Long plank flooring ranks as a distinct and premium quality home décor material. It is for homeowners who value flooring authenticity and natural luxury. It is designed to add to the aesthetic quality of your building design.

The main advantages of long plank flooring include;

  • Beauty and visual impression. Long plank flooring gives a premium quality visual impression to the room.
  • durability. Long plank flooring is known to be long lasting.
  • Quality. Long plank flooring is made from a high-quality wood such as mahogany, maple, oak, etc.

Choosing a long plank flooring material

Several materials are available for selection for a typical long plank flooring; the type you choose depends on the style of flooring finish you desire. Heavy grained and dark floor planks appealed to those seeking a warm and cozy style, and recommended wood types include; oak, mahogany, cherry, ash, hickory, and walnut. The darker wood type help to absorb light, thus making your home warmer.

For those seeking a more modern look, you can choose from other lighter wood shades such as maple, polar, and birch. A lighter wood shade brings extra brightness to your room and is easier to install.

Choosing the type of wood for your flooring is a vital part of your home décor. A high-quality long plank flooring provides several aesthetic benefits to your home. It is also important to seek professional help in making the right selection for your home.

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