London Bay Renovation’s condo business is rising to new heights

London Bay Renovation covers the spectrum of home improvement services, from complete interior and exterior renovations and room expansions to kitchen and bathroom renovations as well as architectural and design accents.

Across Southwest Florida, London Bay Homes’ unparalleled reputation is based on the “Private Label Living” brand promise – a philosophy, process and personalized approach to housing. These principles also apply to the London Bay Renovation team, who have achieved new successes renovating condominiums in the most exclusive communities in Southwest Florida.

In today’s marketplace, the decision to renovate a home is increasingly attractive to customers who would rather stay in their existing location than look for a new home. Luxury condominium renovation accounts for roughly half of the team’s ongoing projects for homeowners who choose to redesign their current home while retaining the benefits of their established location.

Often times, condominium renovations require a creative approach, according to Bill Blanchard, Director of Construction at London Bay Renovation. When carrying out a new project, London Bay Renovation looks at the space not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a functional point of view.

“In the early 1990s, condominiums were designed with smaller rooms and lots of walls. They really didn’t take full advantage of the prospect, ”said Blanchard. “Today’s condominium owners want open spaces, lighter and fresher designs, and more connectivity with nature to enjoy the natural surroundings.”

Renovation becomes a cheap option that allows you to modernize and personalize your home with a team that puts design and quality first. London Bay Renovation is working fast to complete condominiums within a six month window from spring to summer. Therefore, the newly planned residence is waiting for the homeowner to return for the season.

Some exciting condominium renovations in Naples exemplify the fresh approach to London Bay. At Bella Baia on Gulfshore Boulevard North, London Bay Renovation helped penthouse residents transform the Mediterranean-style apartment they owned as Snowbirds for nearly two decades into a stylish space more suitable for entertaining their friends.

“The owners wanted to open up the space for larger dinner parties for a more cohesive feel,” said project manager John Bradford. “You fell in love with the design we created.”

The team updated rounded arches throughout the house with clean lines and removed walls to reveal the living space. The ceilings have also been upgraded with new treatments. In the kitchen, they replaced arched doors and built-in banquet seats with a new granite island with an attached dining table, and added shakerstyle cabinets in a glossy white finish. Wooden floors combine living and dining areas.

Adding storage in the master suite was a priority. The team borrowed space in the living room to deepen a closet and redesigned the bathroom to replace an outdated bathtub with a sleek freestanding version with an oversized walk-in shower and a new linen closet.

“When the project was complete, we made about 3,500 square feet look more like 5,000 square feet,” said Bradford. “We’ve improved the flow so that wherever they are, guests feel part of it all.”

Another customer who bought a condo in Carlysle in Bay Colony when it was first built used it as the perfect vacation spot for years. Now, 25 years later, they were ready to make the 11th floor unit their primary residence – but a full renovation should modernize it for full-time living.

After the entire unit had first been stripped down to the stud walls with a blank canvas, all new ceilings, electrical, drywall, plumbing, lighting and switch systems as well as new devices, worktops and cupboards were required for the renovation.

Blanchard explained that they dropped the ceilings two inches to add modern LED lighting throughout the room. They removed the main wall that separated the kitchen and laundry from the living area and blocked half of the view from both places. The result is a completely fresh, open space with a great sense of space in the public areas and a new kitchen island for the gathering. The team modified part of the master suite and combined “his” and “her” cabinets into a unique, more functional space, while removing the bathroom’s former “whirlpool” to make room for additional storage space.

“The ‘big reveal’ is the best part,” he said. “We love the way our customers react when they return home and see the vision accomplished.”

In both condominium and single family home projects, London Bay Renovation seeks to avoid trends and create classic designs to meet the needs and wants of their clients.

“Our goal is to create a timeless design that will look great for 20 years and beyond,” said Blanchard. “London Bay is known for good design, both for our new build and for our renovation.”

The range of services extends from partial interior renovations such as kitchen and bathroom conversions to exterior improvements such as door and window replacement to complete interior and exterior remodeling and room expansions. The experience is complemented by the personalized design process of London Bay Homes through the Selection Studio. The 3,500-square-foot studio showcases the latest design trends – from choosing floors and cabinets to countertops and appliances, customers can enjoy a smooth renovation process under one roof.

“The nice thing about London Bay is that we offer all planning and construction services under one roof, regardless of whether someone is building from scratch or renovating. Our clients don’t have to deal with three or four consultants, contractors and specialist companies, ”said Blanchard. “It helps us to achieve our ultimate goal: to create the best design that fits the lifestyle of our customers.”

With 30 years of experience, excellent customer service and attention to detail – coupled with your ideas, wishes and preferences – London Bay can support you with the renovation from concept to completion. To schedule a visit and learn more about renovating your family home or condo with London Bay, call 239-298-7623 or visit ¦

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