London Bay Renovation: Redesigned Spaces

London Bay Renovation covers the spectrum of home improvement services, from complete interior and exterior renovations and room expansions to kitchen and bathroom renovations as well as architectural and design accents.

When you bought or built your home five or ten years ago, it may have been perfect for your needs back then. But over the years styles have changed, interests have taken different directions, and the house that you once thought was perfect is showing signs of need updating. Perhaps you have added grandchildren to your life or developed a new hobby that requires a special room. Or maybe you live in a Mediterranean-style house if your design preference is more contemporary on the coast these days.

London Bay Renovation can help homeowners remodel their once-just-right homes to fit their contemporary lifestyle. The London Bay Homes renovation division actually started when owners who already lived in homes built by the Custom Homebuilder discovered that they could fall in love with their homes again by calling in the London Bay renovation team to make the changes they wanted to undertake. This was a particularly attractive option for residents who felt at home in their communities and didn’t want to start over with a new build.

In front

In front

“Today’s homeowners want more open spaces, lighter and fresher designs, and a connection with the outdoors to enjoy the natural surroundings,” said Bill Blanchard, London Bay Renovation Director of Construction. “Still, they want to maintain the lifestyle that they are used to in their neighborhood. Renovation is becoming a cheaper option that allows them to modernize and update with a team that puts design and quality first. “

London Bay Renovation recently partnered with clients who bought a home in Mediterra, Naples’ premier golf and beach club community, and launched a vision that has made their retreat from southwest Florida their own. The London Bay renovation has completely changed the view – inside and outside – in a dramatic update of their new home in the Lucarno neighborhood.

In addition to refreshing the kitchen and modernizing the master bath, the team redesigned the original pool placement to create an elegant courtyard with a fountain and fire pit and maximize the back space to create the ultimate outdoor living area with lake views and a Updated outside areas to create kitchen, custom pool, and lush landscaping. Renovations included updating the outdoor kitchen with driftwood-inspired cabinets and upgrading the wall behind the grill and refrigerator with a tile floor. According to Blanchard, a key element of the renovation was to renew the trio of arches that originally marked the transition to the lawn.

London Bay Renovation recently partnered with clients who bought a home in Mediterra and launched a vision that made their retreat from southwest Florida their own.  After this

London Bay Renovation recently partnered with clients who bought a home in Mediterra and launched a vision that made their retreat from southwest Florida their own. After this

“Raising the arches lets in more light,” Blanchard said, adding that the new custom pool is a major upgrade to the outdoor living area, with a signature water feature and built-in sun shelves. “It is now an oasis for the whole family.”

In addition to home renovations, an exciting condominium project in Naples shows the fresh approach of London Bay. At Bella Baia on Gulfshore Boulevard North, London Bay Renovation helped penthouse residents transform the Mediterranean-style apartment they owned as Snowbirds for nearly two decades into a stylish space more suitable for entertaining their friends.

In front

In front

“The owners wanted to open up the space for larger dinner parties for a more cohesive feel,” said project manager John Bradford. “You fell in love with the design we created.”

The team updated rounded arches throughout the house with clean lines and removed walls to reveal the living space. The ceilings have also been upgraded with new treatments. In the kitchen, they replaced arched doors and built-in banquet seats with a new granite island with an attached dining table, and added Shaker-style cabinets in a glossy white finish. Wooden floors combine living and dining areas.

London Bay Renovation works in the most exclusive neighborhoods in Southwest Florida to renovate luxury homes and condominiums built by both London Bay Homes and other builders. And while renovations of single-family homes continue to increase, renovations of luxury condominiums now make up around 50 percent of ongoing projects. The company’s services range from partial interior renovations such as kitchen and bathroom conversions to exterior improvements such as door and window replacement to complete interior and exterior remodeling and room expansions.

The experience is complemented by the personalized design process of London Bay Homes through the Selection Studio. The 3,500-square-foot studio showcases the latest design trends – from choosing floors and cabinets to countertops and appliances, customers can enjoy a smooth renovation process under one roof.

“The nice thing about London Bay is that we offer all planning and construction services under one roof, regardless of whether someone is building from scratch or renovating. Our clients don’t have to deal with three or four consultants, contractors and specialist companies, ”said Blanchard. “That helps us to achieve our goal of creating the best design that fits the customer’s lifestyle.” ¦

To schedule a visit and learn more about the renovation with London Bay, call 239-298-7623 or visit www.LondonBay. com / renovation.

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