Local school authorities will receive $ 13 million to improve air conditioning / water system

The funding will help improve ventilation systems, HVAC renovations and plumbing for non-contact water systems

Wellington Catholic District School Board and Upper Grand District School Board received nearly $ 13 million from the provincial and federal governments in aid during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding is part of $ 656.5 million to provide infrastructure upgrades to schools in Ontario – $ 525.2 million from the government and $ 131.3 million from the province through the COVID 19 Resilience Stream from Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

“The Upper Grand District School Board is receiving a total of $ 10,969,000 with the Canadian government investing $ 8,775,200 and the Ontario government investing $ 1,193,800,” said Heather Loney, communications coordinator at UGDSB.

Loney said the funding will help the UGDSB work on HVAC renovations and improve building control systems to improve the indoor learning environment for students and staff.

Alison Wilson, communications coordinator at WCDSB, announced that the board of directors will receive a total of $ 1,999,490, of which $ 1,599,568 will come from the federal government and $ 399,892 from the provincial government.

She said the funding will include upgrades for ventilation systems, HVAC systems, plumbing systems for touchless water stations, and partitions for the safety of students and staff.

“We are grateful for the support from the federal and state governments through this funding announcement. The safety of students and staff is of paramount importance to us and this funding will continue to add to the investments in our schools to ensure that this result is achieved, ”said Michael Glazier, Director of Education at WCDSB.

“Upgrades, such as B. non-contact faucets in each of our schools help promote safety and health for all. We look forward to tackling these projects shortly so that our students and staff can take advantage of them. “

A provincial press release said the bulk of the funding for schools across the province will support ventilation projects that improve classroom air quality. Projects also include HVAC renovations, installing bottled water stations to improve access to safe drinking water, investing in the network and broadband infrastructure to support remote learning, and reconfiguring the space such as new walls and doors to improve physical distancing.

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