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Photo Submitted Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union168 journeymen and apprentices recently donated to the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley to install plumbing fixtures needed to run a new Hobart commercial dishwasher.

A Hobart Model LXeR advansys commercial high temperature dishwasher was recently installed at the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley in Marietta.

The manufacturer’s product literature states that the high-temperature dishwasher works at 150-degree wash and 180-degree rinse temperatures, which kills all known bacteria and viruses.

“Communicable diseases are always a problem in a crowded shelter environment, so this is a huge improvement for HSOV shelter operations.” said the interim home manager Karissa Reynolds.

The dishwasher is a lifetime gift from HSOV member Frances Meckel. In addition, HSOV member Jim Raney donated cleaning and rinse aid for life, which are needed to operate the dishwasher.

Local plumber and pipe fitter association 168 journeymen and apprentices donated the installation of the sanitary fittings required to operate the dishwasher. Thermo Fisher Scientific contributed to the installation of the cables, tubing, and electrical components required to operate the dishwasher. West Virginia Electric donated the cables, wires, and electrical components required to complete the installation.

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