Local business sues landlord over what they call “inadequate HVAC system”

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – “I want the public to know that there’s always two sides to every story,” said Liz Nelson, owner of Providence Homes.

In August of 2021, the Q Group, owners of Q Coffee Emporium filed legal action against their landlords, Steve and Liz Nelson, for what they call an “inadequate HVAC system.”

Providence spoke exclusively with WBKO news.

“We too had a part in Q’s dream. We were invested very heavily both physically, mentally, and spiritually with the family and we had a big financial part in this location that they were in,” said Liz Nelson.

WBKO uncovered legal actions filed last summer. Court documents indicate Providence did not push them out of the building. The court said the landlords needed to take the *steps* necessary to upgrade to the HVAC system.

“We were deeply disheartened by the choices that they chose to make. We tried to work with Q regarding the HVAC and the water leaks. We believed we were on a good plan through the courts to follow, to be able to get everything taken care of,” Nelson said.

Q coffee emporium recently made a post on Facebook that went viral. They stated they were pushed out of the building. They also claim those same landlords then made plans to open their own coffee shop in the same building.

lawsuit(Allie Hennard)

“The last thing we ever wanted was for Q to abandon the building. They left us in a devastating financial situation,” Nelson. “The building was built and equipped to be a coffee shop for Q. Our only option was an attempt to put it back as a coffee shop. Renovating again to make it a different business would have only added more cost.”

They say they’ve taken every step to assure the HVAC system is fixed and stop water leaks, but their Q decided to vacate the property in January.

“I want the public to know that there is a lot of emotion in this because of the relationship and how long we were friends, but that emotion should not effect our business and it should still be very professional,” Nelson said.

The lawsuit is still pending

Nelson says she holds no animosity towards Q and wishes them the best of luck in the future.

“In fact, we encourage the public, if you enjoy their products to please enjoy their product. It’s been extremely stressful, it’s been a lot of heartache, but we feel like we’ve put all that behind us and we’re just moving forward,” said Nelson.

Providence Coffee House and Marketplace is now open on 3031 Nashville road from 5AM-5PM.

Providence’s Full Statement is attached below.


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