Library wrapping up window work | news

QUINCY — Billy Akers and Jason Brigman lifted the pane of glass, carefully fitting it into a window frame at Quincy Public Library.

“It’s a nice clean look,” said Akers with Adams County Glass. “It’s long overdue here.”

Then the business partners prepare to repeat the process with another 140-pound pane as part of the third and final year of the library’s $250,000 window project.

“We’re replacing all of the original 1974 windows,” QPL Executive Director Kathleen Helsabeck said. “This is preserving the building for the future.”

Akers said this summer’s installation work is going well, hampered only by delays in getting product due to ongoing supply chain issues.

“The glass we’re putting in is all safety glass — one-inch, Low-E (low emissivity), tempered and great for R value,” he said.

Window frames designed with a “thermal break” keep cold from transferring from the exterior to the interior, which will help with the building’s heating and air conditioning costs.

“It should make a huge difference, just having something that’s modern and not 45 years old,” Akers said.

Some of the existing insulated glass panels had separated into two pieces, instead of one solid piece, and water damage surrounded some of the old window frames.

“There was some leaking in the windows. In some areas, if it rained in a certain direction, it was leaking,” Helsabeck said.

QPL invested some $45,000 in the project over the past two years, with the bulk of the work being done this year. Helsabeck said $42,636 in American Rescue Plan Act, or ARPA, funds through the city along with $157,353 in additional personal property replacement tax funds covered this year’s cost.

The project helps the library’s board and administration “be good stewards of the building,” Helsabeck said. Windows “are getting replaced with a darker tint to help the building with energy savings and also to help preserve materials that are next to windows so they don’t fade.”

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