LeeBoy 8616D Asphalt Paver By: LeeBoy

The LeeBoy 8616D asphalt paver has many of the features of a larger highway class paver while still offering a slim footprint to better suit the commercial contractor looking for a heavier unit.

  • It is very adaptable for heavy commercial work and leaves nothing to be desired, as this device offers better maintenance friendliness with easy-to-locate components, an even material flow and the Legend HD PRO screed for higher production yields
  • Turbocharged 127 horsepower Kubota engine, improved cooling systems, independent hopper blades, reversible augers and conveyors, hydraulic drag point cylinders, material shutoffs that can be set to automatically close in reverse, and a quick-change auger assembly
  • Weighing 4,150 lbs and a pavement width of up to 15 feet. Features of the Legend HD PRO Screed include spring-loaded end gates, HD propellers, a high-performance crown and valley mechanism and an angle of attack adjuster with vertical height adjustment
  • The stylish operator platform combined with a flat hood line provides the operator with improved visibility without disrupting the line of sight
  • Double operating platforms with swiveling seats in several positions ensure a comfortable yet productive working environment

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