Leanne Ford’s Tips For Long-Lasting Kitchen Cabinets

During an interview with Apartment Therapy, Leanne Ford shared that, when it comes to cabinets, a simple design may be best. She says, “I really like to keep simple, clean lines on cabinetry, and that goes back to long-lasting. [A] kitchen reno is such a massive one [thing] to do, so I feel like [with] clean, simple lines, you’ll love it longer, which is the goal.” While bolder cabinets could make a statement, they may also look outdated in a few years. To create a timeless appeal, keep the design basic and chic.

Additionally, she also suggests matching the style of your cabinets to the overall style of your home. According to Aspire, Ford did this when designing her own home. Because her house appears quite traditional, she chose old-school feeling cabinets and a darker countertop that looked cohesive in the space. By doing this, she was able to preserve the personality already present in the house, which in turn led to a beautiful and long-lasting design.

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