Lawn Service reportedly cut off Lincoln Park man from $ 2,000; Resident pays him to leave | news

A Lincoln Park man called the police after paying an arboriculture company an estimated price for their service – he was led to believe it would ricochet – then wrote another check to cover the alleged check that had ricocheted.

The resident, who lives on the Markese block of 2000, filed a complaint against tree service in Howell on Jan. 21.

According to police reports, the 66-year-old resident called tree service and spoke to a member of staff who said he could do the work he requested and gave him a quote.

The resident told police he had prepaid, but the next day the resident said the clerk had told him the check had been cashed and that he would need another check as well as extra money to get on with work in the backyard Man to begin.

According to the report, the resident wrote another check to cover the returned check and added more money.

The resident found it suspicious that his check had rebounded and contacted the bank.

A representative told him that his first check was good.

He confronted the arborist and asked for his money back, but the clerk wanted more money from the resident, to “call it the same”.

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The resident said he just wanted the man to leave, so he wrote him another check.

The police tried to call the tree service but the number is no longer working.

The employee’s name was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network and localized.

It is not clear whether the tree service ever did any work in the man’s house.

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