Lawn Service Company thanks first responders, healthcare workers with free cuts

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Let’s call it lawn care with love. A way of saying “thank you”.

The landscaping company “Plowz And Mowz” is doing its part to help the busy heroes on the front lines fight this pandemic with their gardening.

“We had nurses asking us if we could help them a few weeks ago,” said Wills Mahoney, co-founder of Plowz and Mowz. “Why not give our first responders, our healthcare workers who work 12, sometimes more hours a day, free lawnmowers and really just cross something off their list?”

So far, the national company with two branches in central Florida has tilled more than 2,500 lawns nationwide free of charge. Plows and Mowz plan to keep the offer up until the number of shipyards reaches 10,000 healthcare workers. First aiders can register at or visit the app and enter “Held” in the checkout area.

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